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Readers Respond: Top Interview Questions

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It's always helpful to review job interview questions. Review questions you might be asked on an interview and add the questions you have been asked during your job interviews to the list of top interview questions.

Handling Pressure

In today’s competitive world, work pressures are inevitable. What are your inherent strengths to deal with such situations?

Interview Question

Tell me about a time that you felt you were asked to do more work than was reasonable. How did you handle the issue?
—Guest Rob

New Procedures

Give me an example of a time when you had to explain some new procedures to your co-workers for quality service delivery. How did you go about it?
—Guest ziad


What plan of action do you take to get back on track, when you failed to meet a quota?
—Guest jessica


Question: How good are you in Computers? Explain in detail.
—Guest anuj malguri

What Do You Bring to the Table?

Question: "How can you add value to the company if given the job?"
—Guest Kalivati

Question for Teachers

Question: Would like to be a teacher forever or you will change your career in the future?
—Guest Abdeen

New Procedures

Explain and give me an example of a time when you had to explain some new procedures to your co-workers for quality service delivery, how did you go about it?
—Guest sri

What is you best value?

Can you tell me what is you best value? And explain why you choose that as your best value.
—Guest Guest Guest

What is a stretch for you the job req?

You should be honest. If you don't have experience in the industry, then say so, but that you're willing to learn. I had experience in the field, but not in the specific industry. Be honest because you don't want to lie and you also don't want them to think you're more experience than you really are.

What is your social media experience?

I didn't have professional social media experience, so I based it off of personal experience.

The new strengths and weakness question

Instead of asking what is your strength and what is your weakness? I have been getting the question, what excites you most about the position and what do you think is a stretch for you? This is different because it does not require a BS response as such strengths and weaknesses because it pertains to the job. Everyone BSes the strengths and weaknesses, the weakness actually, because you are supposed to come up with something as neutral as possible.

If You Get the Job, Then What?

Question: "What are your future plans for the company if you are permanently employed?"
—Guest Adeel Khan

Working as a Team Member

Question: "What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as a team member?"
—Guest kala

Communication & Influence

Question: "Describe a time when someone disagreed with a decision you had made."
—Guest sam

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