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Readers Respond: Top Interview Questions

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It's always helpful to review job interview questions. Review questions you might be asked on an interview and add the questions you have been asked during your job interviews to the list of top interview questions. Add an Interview Question

Greatest Gift

Question posed to me: "What is your greatest gift?"
—Guest guest teacher

Teacher Interview

"How will you teach in a 3-grade split?" This was for a grades 4-6 classroom. I answered by teaching whole class concepts and then working on them in small ability groups. This covered some of the questions on IEP needs as well.


1.Why do you want to teach in our school. 2.What grade/class would you like to teach. 3.What are the important qualities of a teacher. Thanks.
—Guest Silverline N.

Teacher Interview Question

What are the 5 most important qualities a teacher should possess?
—Guest emmi489


1. At our school there are teachers who likes to criticise other , how will you deal with criticism at school? 2. What makes you feel like you are the best candidate for the post? 3. What development would you bring to our school if you become the best candidate? 4. Once you are teaching in your class you have a frustrated parent coming to your class asking for his/her kid, and he doesn't want to wait. How will you deal with this parent?
—Guest Ndatewapo Immanuel

Older Worker

What do you say when an employer asks you where you want to be in 5 years? When you are an older worker?
—Guest Korene


Question: "What is a formative assessment? Please give examples."
—Guest Trey Reed

Difficult Interviews

Since I'm looking for a job in a medical office, I'm interviewing with office managers who don't do corporate interviews. One mgr recently just kept asking me, "what questions do you have for me?" We'd talked a lot on the phone, I asked all kinds of things, read everything I could on their website (it's a small medical practice), and left there not knowing how I did at all. I even asked her how my qualifications stacked up, and she said I was very smart. Since most of my interviews are with small practices of 5-20 people, I expect more of the same in future. Any suggestions here?
—Guest DiMuchow


Question: How good are you in Computers? Explain in detail.
—Guest anuj malguri

What Do You Bring to the Table?

Question: "How can you add value to the company if given the job?"
—Guest Kalivati

Question for Teachers

Question: Would like to be a teacher forever or you will change your career in the future?
—Guest Abdeen

New Procedures

Explain and give me an example of a time when you had to explain some new procedures to your co-workers for quality service delivery, how did you go about it?
—Guest sri

What is you best value?

Can you tell me what is you best value? And explain why you choose that as your best value.
—Guest Guest Guest

What is a stretch for you the job req?

You should be honest. If you don't have experience in the industry, then say so, but that you're willing to learn. I had experience in the field, but not in the specific industry. Be honest because you don't want to lie and you also don't want them to think you're more experience than you really are.

What is your social media experience?

I didn't have professional social media experience, so I based it off of personal experience.

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Top Interview Questions

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