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Readers Respond: Top Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

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From the article: Interview Questions to Ask
During a job interview, the interviewer typically asks you whether you have any questions. What are the best questions to ask the interviewer during a job interview? Share a Question

Question to Ask Interviewer

If the interaction between you and the interviewer is not going very well, a good question to change the mood and learn a little more about your interviewer is "How long have you been with the company and how did you get your start?". People enjoy talking about themselves, especially if they are proud. If it is going really well, you can follow-up with a "plant-the-seed" question "Who was that inspirational person that helped you in your career and gave you the opportunity to be the success you are?". It brings back positive memories for your interviewer, and sets a positive mood. If you do "work that one in", at the end of your interview thank them, and mention you would love to have the opportunity to work for the company. It can take a "7" interview to a "10" and take a little focus from a dull moment.
—Guest Todd Eagleton


What is the most relevant personality attribute you'd like to see the ideal candidate exhibit?
—Guest Suzanne

Asking about Pay

I keep hearing "Never ask, what’s the pay?" Here's my dilemma. I'm looking to relocate and the pay for what I do varies considerably. I have seen it as low as $10.00 hr and I made $20.00 hr. at my last job That's a big difference in pay. I don’t want to accept a job nor waste a company’s time as well as my own, interviewing for a position I feel is being underpaid. Most companies don’t list the pay and we're not to ask. So how do we get around this?. It wouldn’t make sense to stop interviewing or applying for jobs while waiting on a call that may or may not come. Am I really expected to walk out of an interview, wait on a call to see if I'm hired for a job I’d turn down because of the pay? If I were to take a job making $12.00 hr and received a call the same day from another employer offering me $17.00 hr., in my opinion, it would be unprofessional and would burn bridges if I called to say I decline the job, after I accepted it or possibly even started working there.
—Guest Tracy

Best Question

"What would keep you from hiring me for this position?" This gives you the opportunity to allay any misgivings the hiring manager might have about you.
—Guest Kathryn

Show Interest in the Company

Does you company promote from within? How would one work their way up in the company? It shows that you are interested in the company & working hard for them to achieve greater heights.
—Guest Grace

I work at home

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—Guest Becky

Employee of the Month

"Is there any title like ''Employee of the month'' here? If yes, what would be the qualities and actions would I have to do to earn it?" This show you want to be the best from the beginning.
—Guest Nicxtrem99

Client Interaction

Question: "How much interaction do associates at my level and with my level have?" Reason for asking: Being involved in client calls and in-person meetings is important towards understanding client needs, developing presentation skills, and managing a project.
—Guest Eric

Cultural Fit

What does average day look like for someone in this position?

Forward Thinker

What are the tactical and strategic goals of the firm and the _______ department?
—Guest CHRIS

Spotting Talent

What are managers' responsibilities in spotting talent among staff members?
—Guest Frans Mosiane

Making a Difference

Although I am new at this whole job search process, one question I came up with is, "How can someone of my qualifications and experience maximize their positive impact on the customers and the company while working in this position?"
—Guest Elizabeth

Giving Back?

In what ways does this clinic give back to the community?
—Guest JayLee

Home run

If the perfect person for this job sat in front of you, how would you know it? Meaning,what is a home run for you? What do you have on your wish list for the perfect employee?
—Guest Evelyn

Questions I ask and questions I don't

Questions I ask: Describe the ideal employee for this position. How long is the training process. How will I know if I'm doing the best job I can? What are the next steps in the interview process? Questions I don't ask. Do you press charges? Do you take workers compensation fraud seriously? I can sleep at my desk yes? I will watch Netflix on my phone if I'm done with my work. Can I park in handicapped spots? Do I have to wear pants? Can I bring my own boss to replace you? Do you hate me? Do you want to see me on my webcam Tonight? Would you like to go on a date? Would you give me an example of extreme sexual harassment? Are gays okay with me? Why did my parents abandon me? Can I have you? Do I have to pass a drug test? Do you think it Would be cool to be homeless? Why are babies so small? Did you know I have aids? Where is the cigarette steak room? Do you have any dark meat pizza?
—Guest Guest guest

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Top Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

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