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Readers Respond: Top Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

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During a job interview, the interviewer typically asks you whether you have any questions. Share a Question

http://www.teleportmyjob.com/ is a FRAUD

This is a fake and FRAUD job portal. The people work there are b*stards. Never give them your card details. If you did you are screwed. It is an illegal way of asking fee for promising you a job. They ripped me off 400 USD. They don't have any contact or offices overseas such as in Dubai, Australia or London. It is a well designed website lying in wait to suck someone in as prey. All jobs they post on the jobseekers' dashboard are all fake. If anyone has been already a victim or recently registered with them can see that they never give any details of the post in the company or any direct contact of any person that you can confirm your application. You are always kept in dark. Beware of these DEVILS.
—Guest rrk_175

Making a Difference

Although I am new at this whole job search process, one question I came up with is, "How can someone of my qualifications and experience maximize their positive impact on the customers and the company while working in this position?"
—Guest Elizabeth

Giving Back?

In what ways does this clinic give back to the community?
—Guest JayLee

Home run

If the perfect person for this job sat in front of you, how would you know it? Meaning,what is a home run for you? What do you have on your wish list for the perfect employee?
—Guest Evelyn

Questions I ask and questions I don't

Questions I ask: Describe the ideal employee for this position. How long is the training process. How will I know if I'm doing the best job I can? What are the next steps in the interview process? Questions I don't ask. Do you press charges? Do you take workers compensation fraud seriously? I can sleep at my desk yes? I will watch Netflix on my phone if I'm done with my work. Can I park in handicapped spots? Do I have to wear pants? Can I bring my own boss to replace you? Do you hate me? Do you want to see me on my webcam Tonight? Would you like to go on a date? Would you give me an example of extreme sexual harassment? Are gays okay with me? Why did my parents abandon me? Can I have you? Do I have to pass a drug test? Do you think it Would be cool to be homeless? Why are babies so small? Did you know I have aids? Where is the cigarette steak room? Do you have any dark meat pizza?
—Guest Guest guest

Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

I am really interested about your job opening, what's the next step and when can I expect your hiring decision. This question is just to find out the urgency so that you can have other options. Remember not to ask the salary or benefits. It creates a bad reflection on your part.
—Guest NiHAWmA


Research rewards or achievements the company has managed to achieve in the past. Ask about certain awards and achievements and how the company plans to implament those ideals to achieve more in the coming future.
—Guest Joe

Questions to ask at a job interview

I have always found these to be good questions: 1 What would you say the points of pain are in this role? (shows you are thinking about the work involved) 2 What do you like about working here? 3 Will there be any handover? 4 How long do you expect someone to take to learn the ropes of this position? 5 What attributes do you think are best suited to this position? 6 What sort of management style would you say you had?
—Guest LeeGee

How about this?

I always like to ask this: "If I'm hired for this position, how would you complete this sentence: Whatever you do, _________." This gives the interviewer the chance to highlight either the one priority that takes precedence over all others in the organization, or, if they fill in the blank with a phrase beginning with "don't," highlight the single biggest pitfall you should avoid.

Ideal Employee

What qualities, approach, or temperment would you like to see in me if I am to be your ideal employee?
—Guest Guest JP

Tuition Reimbursement

Do you offer education assistance or tuition reimbursement?
—Guest Jason C.

Organizational Communication

What philosophy do your organization execute? Human Relations ( Maslow's Hierarchy of needs theory), (McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y), or the Human Relation Principle?
—Guest Jackie Wilson

Questions to Ask

Why are applying for this kind of job? Why do I need to hire you? What are the qualities that the company needs it?
—Guest kat

Interview Question to Ask

What three qualities are you looking for in the person you hire to join this company?

The Company

When or doing what year was this company established?

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Top Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

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