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Readers Respond: Why Do You Love Your Job?

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From the article: How to Find Your Dream Job
Do you love your job? Read about the jobs About.com readers love and, if you love your job, add your job to the list.

Software Engineer

I love programming. Nothing is more satisfying than software architecture.
—Guest guest


For the 2011 holiday season, I took the job of being a bell-ringer for the Salvation Army. I LOVED this job. I was exuberant with each passing moment as I thanked people for their donations and wished them happy holidays etc. I enjoyed this temporary job more than any other job I have ever done. I would do this again in a heartbeat!!! I learned a great deal of compassion through this joyful experience.
—Guest lynn

Why I Love My Job

I love my job because it gives me room to acquire more skills and learn about how to deal/cope with people's characters.
—Guest ovus


I really like my job and it's very intersting that every moment to finding thiefs. You know when you find thief they knew they did. But they trying to away with it so, they will lie or they will mack a bad story, like they having a bad day or somthing like that. Tell me know is that intresting job? But it's really harder to find thiefs. You know they are very clawer then us. But we still proform. Thanks
—Guest Somu

I Love Writing!

I love my job as a writer--I'm able to use my education and experiences to help others, I can work flexibly and creatively, and I never get bored. Plus, I feel a little like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex In The City when I'm working on a story late at night at my desk or in a coffee house. (That gives me an excuse to wear funky clothes and get away with it!)
—Guest Elizabeth

I Created Marvelous! Magazine

I created a new women's magazine called Marvelous! for women who create the life they want and live it passionately. It's a bi-monthly glossy distributed free in north central and northwest Arkansas right now, and available elsewhere by subscription, but I'll be branching out into the big wide world as soon as I can manage. I love that I can pull pieces of experience and wisdom together from all of my previous jobs. I love that certain aspects challenge the heck out of me. I love that I have the opportunity to meet marvelous women every single day, and every day I hear from women who are being inspired by Marvelous! to get out there and create the life they want. Thanks for doing the same thing, Alison! Deb Peterson marvmag.com Facebook/MarvelousMagazine

Resume Writer Loves His Work

Every day I love coming to work because I know that I will play a key role in landing a new opportunity, promotion, or job for a client who is an engineer, sales rep, nurse, manager, teacher, government worker, executive, accountant, server, technician, physician, chef, attorney, scientist, mechanic, pharmaceutical rep, bookkeeper, or computer tech. When they first come in to see me, they are unsure of their chances, worried about the economy, or believing that it will be extremely difficult to land a good job in these troubled times. I'm not really sure if it is the new and totally improved resume that ignites their confidence, or just seeing in black and white that they are "all that"... The best part of all, is that when they get their new jobs, as they invariably do, they call me and you can hear the happiness they exude. The feeling I get when they thank me from the bottom of their hearts makes me truly love my job each and every day.
—Guest Grant Cooper

I love freelance writing

I love my job as a freelance writer, because I can set my own hours, work from anywhere in the world, and research topics that are interesting to me.

Helping Patients and People

I work at a vets's office and I love my job because I enjoy helping both our animal patients and their people.
—Guest Guest

The People

I love my job both because of the people I work with (they are great!) and because of our clients. They are awesome.
—Guest Marianne Worley

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