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Readers Respond: Why Do You Hate Your Job?

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Do you hate your job? Read about the jobs About.com readers hate and, if you hate your job, add your job to the list.

Sick of this Job

I'm soooo sick of the routine, I'm sick that every time I do something right someone else gets the credit, but when something goes wrong it has to be my fault... Sick of dealing with the ego of anchors, reporters, producers... All they do is bitch but do nothing to fix a problem....How am I supposed to get my work done when the producer is always late to approve the stories for the reporters? And then the producer is rushing me -- really? Just sick....

Micromanaging Idiot

I hate my job because I work for a micromanager. And someone who really isn't the brightest bulb in the box, at least when it comes to what she supervising me for. I went from a position with authority and autonomy to a much lower position, thinking getting my foot in the door was half the battle. Once in, I discovered there is no upward mobility without slogging though the years. So a less experienced, less educated person who has been here longer than me will always get the job ahead of me. But back to my supervisor... I have to run everything through her, and she takes FOREVER to review it. Meanwhile, I look bad b because I "take to long." She doesn't really understand what a PO is. She doesn't know much at all about construction ( and we're involved tangentially in a number of capitol projects.) I gave in and just do what she tells me. I so freaking hate this job! I am terrified to leave it without finding something else first. But I've been looking for a year and have found nothin
—Guest Lee

Losing My Skills

I lost my job of 10 years. This job gave me a flexible schedule and I was my own boss. I found a job 3 months later in the same field. The schedule is strict. Everyone is suppose to know where I am all day. I feel like I'm losing valuable skills. the pay is almost 1/2 of what i was making. I desperately want my old job back and I am so miserable. This has affected my everyday life and my family is suffering. Please someone out there help me.
—Guest si kearney

How Much Time You Got?

I have effectively 3 or 4 job roles (so its hardly surprising that I'm allegedly "putting in a half time effort for a full time job"!). I didn't receive proper training (there /isn't/ a proper training system here either). I'm not qualified for IT at all and am told that if I don't understand something, to ask my supervisors a question, but when I do the answer is guaranteed to contain "Come on, you should know this by now!" or "it's common sense!". I work too early a shift to commute, and the company is messing me around with holidays that I've worked (over two months without anything back...). The team meetings are just saying that I was not working hard enough (it's hard to remember the ins and outs of several cases whilst also providing support for loads of cases that get shut and cases which require huge investigation). The manager apparently drinks at work and no one bats an eye. The manager's a potty mouth too, and over-time doesn't count... Can't wait to walk away with my middle finger raised high!
—Guest why did they even pick me

Let Me Count the Ways...

My general manager says all the time that she can run the store without us, yet she is never there! When the truck order is completed by her, we run out of so much crap, unlike when one of us 'peons' do the truck order. She doesn't even know how to clean half of her own machines and equipment. She is never there and when she is, she texts on her phone all day or looks up stuff on the internet. Her scheduling always shorts one of the shifts. She treats me and all her employees like crap. She is being paid salary for maybe 10 hours of work while we are slaving over the store with 50 or more hours. She never trains anyway, just throws us out there and complains when we try to do our best with what we know. She lies to the owner, but the most irritating thing of all is that she says she cares and at times even acts like it, but it is just a ruse. She doesn't care and we all suffer for it. I also believe a general manager should never take a busy weekend off.
—Guest Sick and Tired

Overworked, Underpaid, and Overeducated

I work as a clerk for the government. I am frequently tasked at answering phones all day. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business. All of my co-workers are married moms with no degrees (no offense to them--they're all very nice women). But, neither do either of my supervisors, nor their boss (who is a FARMER), nor her boss (who got his title as ED from political pull)! In other words, I'm working for a bunch of morons! But, in order to keep my job, I have to do what I am assigned to do... I'm the only male clerical, so I have to deliver the heavy paper boxes, and do whatever "heavy" work there is to do... My bosses happened to catch wind of the fact that I studied IT in college, so I have been designated the "resident IT guy" but I get no more pay or recognition for it... I'm looking HARD for a new job, but they're few and far between in my area...
—Guest Still Looking

Boss, Co-workers, Environment, Clients

It's not even the nature of the work that's bad, except for a few things, but what I can't stand are my boss, co-workers, the hostile environment that they create, and even our difficult clients. My boss curses all the time, is always moody, stressed out, crass, snappy, all over the place, meanwhile my coworkers just have horrible personalities - and I won't even say unique. The environment is hostile, and no matter what I do, I'm not good enough in my role. I don't get enough appreciation - but rather mistakes, shortcomings, and etc. are pointed out. There had been no clear direction, but I'm supposed to figure it out. So I learn from the mistakes I make (which makes me look bad) since I was not told or given good guidance in the first place. And if I ask questions, I get this frustrated look from my boss like I'm lost. So whoever gets my job after I leave will be the lucky person. Good luck.
—Guest #hatemyjob#

Bait and Switch

I hate my job. The managers are have no business managing monkeys, much lead other human beings! Furthermore, they hire you saying the job is financial reporting, then they give you secretary work, like scheduling meetings & making travel arrangements. TOTAL BAIT & SWITCH! Then the idiot managers like to discuss what they expect from you in the position. Employees have expectations too. They forget that a job is a two way street.
—Guest Maria

Tired of Serving Entitled Customers

I work for a certain very famous American coffee shop. It's a fairly easy job, but not for the impatient or easily angered. (Sometimes even being patient won't help) I am so tired of dealing with miserable people, and snobby people who think they're better than me. I'm also tired of the rude cheap regulars that constantly come and try to rip us off. It's not my company but it feels like an insult you know? My coworkers are okay but just okay. They are content with leaving me miserable on the register all day doing 8 hours while they just get to clean up and make drinks while I suffer with all the 'tude the world has to offer. I want a new job but at the same time I feel lost...I feel very inadequate for anything and often times I've been called slow. I am scared to work anywhere but I know I need to get out of here asap. I feel very lost in life and wish there was someone out there who understood these feelings I'm having. It's not fun being awake late with depression about a silly job.
—Guest Lost_Hat0r

Sick to Death...

I took a position with my current company because my job was eliminated. I was promoted and at first everything was fine, but within a few months, everyone was gunning for me to fail. I get nailed to the wall for every indiscretion, no matter how small, meanwhile everyone in my dept. talks crap on each other all the time! I am just so sick of being in this job. I get paid less than all my subordinates, I get nothing but stress because all I have to do is look at someone wrong and I get criticized meanwhile everyone else does whatever they want. If I dare interfere with their plans, as a good manager should, they report me for something stupid and I get a talking to from upper management. I have been with this company for a long time and I really don't want to leave, but I am sick to death of feeling like I am going to get fired because I hit my breaking point and say what I feel to the wrong person. I feel like I am constantly being evaluated and its enough!Starting my job search today!
—Guest Soootiredofmyjob

Tired of Not Being Appreciated

I work in a psychiatric hospital with people who are physically aggressive to staff; hitting, kicking, spitting, throwing feces etc. I work 12 hour shifts that usually turn out to be 15 hour shifts. We are lucky if we get a break or even to eat. We are short staffed but management doesnt do anything about it. They never help on the unit, instead they take 2 hour lunch breaks. We're lucky to make it to the bathroom. Co-workers aren't team players and don't care if they leave you with 3 hours of extra work. The place is filthy, unorganized and is full of incompetent people. I am singled out because I'm younger and newer. I work my butt off, pick up shifts, stay late and do a good job. However, Im treated like a piece of sh*t!!
—Guest Crispy

Tired of the Liars

I hate my job. I was given a task regarding compliance. I did the research and found that the company needed to make some changes. Boss states in a meeting that we're fully compliant and that I didn't know what I was talking about. Ticked me off so much that I wanted to tell them to f-off and walk out. I figure they'll find out real quick that they aren't when they get audited since they are under a government contract.
—Guest J

The Only Male in the Department

It's not really the fact that I'm a male in a department full of females, but it's their dumb excuses for when they do something wrong. As a supervisor, I try to help them through their work but they still manage to say "Oh sorry, I didn't know that before now," or "Oh yeah, I forgot." One even holds two degrees... she may have a degree but she has absolutely no common sense. It's really stressfull having the dumbest employees and not being able to train them because they don't care about their job, or fire them because the big boss thinks they are nice. I wind up taking the heat for them and do the work they didn't. I'm ready to quit this place with or without a job lined up. This stupid employees just suck the ambition for success right out of me.
—Guest tired.can.and.will.walktheplank

The "Joys" of Retail...

I work part-time in a retail clothing store, and it completely deadens my soul. I just graduated from college but have found absolutely nothing calling for an English degree. I wish I didn’t regret studying my passion, but now that money is needed, I sure do. Desperate to move out of a bad home situation, I took whatever work I could find. I make minimum wage and barely get any hours. Most of the customers there are nice, but getting attitude from even one terrible shopper makes me feel horrible. I’m just too sensitive not to take the abuse personally. Also, my coworkers are so fake it stinks. If anyone dresses or behaves strangely, my coworkers can’t wait to broadcast nasty comments through their headsets. They’re some of the most superficial people I’ve ever gotten to know. I’ve never hated the human race as much as I do now. As soon as I get out of work, I go home to more people I intensely dislike. There’s no rest in the equation – I’m probably due for a breakdown soon.
—Guest It goes on and on

Love My Job, Hate Management Systems

Why I hate it: 1. Never fulfilling promises such as software upgrades. IT consultants keep saying it is done and management says it hasn't been implemented. All the while consultants keep getting paid for their time. 2. All staff salaries were cut but they keep sponsoring customer events and going on worthless "business trips". 3. Made workflows bureaucratic and too complex. 4. Keep changing policies too often. 5. Too many meetings and then blaming staff for lowered productivity. 6. asking for too many excel spreadsheet reports and then not using it.
—Guest too tired

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