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Readers Respond: Why Do You Hate Your Job?

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From the article: I Hate My Job!
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Work has always SUCKED!

Man...it sucks out there with all these comments! I'm convinced all jobs have a certain degree of good and f#$&ing lousy! For me its never the work that's a problem, but the people you have to work with. It either makes or breaks your day! Especially guys! I consider myself easy going and respectful, polite etc. But all the typical workplaces for union jobs like parks, roads, trucks, warehouses etc are dominated by lots of those beer guzzling back talking pickup truck driving redneck idiots that crawl out of the hills to a city job! The attitude of Mr. Alcoholic on the job makes the workplace uninteresting and unenjoyable and lacks class and etiquette. They just want the good paying city worker jobs and think the union will always rescue and protect them. They act like workplace bullies also! And supervisers are too coward to do shite. Please don't bring your personal crappy home life issues to work! Nobody else gives a shi-ite.
—Guest church stud

Tutoring Kids that DON'T CARE

When I got the tutoring job I was excited about it, I was going to work with h.s kids in continuation schools to improve their reading and writing. I went in thinking if they were going to continuation school it was because they still cared about getting their h.s diploma, I went for a small period of time to a continuation school but saw that was not an environment I wanted to be in and I thought those kids were thinking the same! BUT to my surprise this kids don't give a shit if they can form a paragraph or not! They don't even care if they can read or not! They bad mouth the main staff, trying to get them to read or write is a pain half of the time, I have sadly given up on these kids, all they want is money and to party, like if they can even get a job without a h.s diploma, I want to tell them to stop wasting mine and the teachers time and drop out and see how that goes for them, good luck getting your "swag" to pay for food, rent and diapers! Ungrateful ass kids!
—Guest Losing Hope

Too Many Bullies

My office manager and my supervisor are bullies. I've been in the same job for 16 yrs and I get mistreated. I made the mistake of helping a relative get hired and now she has a better position than me -- less seniority than me but she acts like she is the boss. I regret getting her in the same Department as me. I used to like my job but now I hate it. I am miserable at work. I have six more years until retirement. I am stuck.
—Guest Fed up

Plain Lied To

I was told I would be doing case management. I have two masters degrees and I sit around answering phones and taking messages all day. I spend a great deal of my time wondering where I went wrong. I get physically ill thinking about going to work. I spend 60 hours a week at this job and was told that they appreciate my education but that my education means nothing to them. I was told when they hired me, and really for the first 90 days, that I would be doing case management, then I was put into a rolling phone queue answering phones for the case managers. I take their calls and send them messages. Recently I was yelled at for not doing a good enough job at answering phones. I've never been quite so miserable. I have an MBA so I can answer a phone. I know my parents are embarrassed.
—Guest Miserable

Stupid People

I hate my job because of all the stupid incompetent people who can't make a decision.
—Guest Zzzzz


I take great pride in doing my best work. I do not take excessive criticism of my work well. Micromanaging is the major issue where I work. Other than that, dealing with snobs that like to order me about as if I were their personal slave. A boss that is more concerned about how she appears to her managers than in defending her coworkers. I would tell anyone, especially my nieces to never take a janitor/housekeeper position, especially there. I have been in it for over ten years. Took it cause it pleased my parents. Have had an education but the economy sucks and I am pickier than ever about what to do with my life. I have a plan I am working on with someone, but some days, I just can't take it anymore. A few top people have quit their jobs. And a survey is expected any day and everyone is in extra ass-hole mode. So that is why I hate my job!

Wasted Working Life

I've never been able to make a living at what I was feel I was born to do, music. As a result, I've worked at unsatisfying jobs that are not challenging and are boring. This has lasted my entire adult life. I'm nearing retirement and when I finally leave this grind hopefully I'll be able to do something in the area in which I am gifted. While it's certainly not as bad as some, it is still very frustrating that things have turned out this way.

Accounting Manager

My boss does not follow through on most everything he tells me he will do. All my work comes from him and he is so so so slow getting documents to do my job. I have been told that the accounting can wait for awhile. What!!! Personality issues go hardly are addressed. Ignore it and it will go away is the general feel. No one cares if the accounting or anything gets done in a timely fashion. This makes it almost impossible to do my Accounting Manager job. Then I get tons of stuff dump on my desk and the pressure is on.
—Guest owens1964

Coworkers from Hell

I've been working at the same place for over 10 years I have never in my life been around so many miserable individuals. Why are you even working here if you are that unhappy everyday? I walk into this job and have no idea what I am going to get in those 8 hours. Some of these people treat me so bad it's no wonder I don't commit murder and end up in prison for the rest of my life. These people treat me like something icky on the bottom of their shoes. I have always been someone that doesn't believe in taking crap from anybody and that includes upper management. But these people expect for me to just take whatever type of abuse they have to give. To hell with that s*** . You will not make me out to be the bad guy. I consider myself a pretty laid back person. I believe in the model live and let live. Some of these people are really getting on my last damn nerve. I'm just plain tired of the abuse.
—Guest Shelley Rodof

No Respect

Worked at a major retail chain for 20 + years. I gave my all, my life, my existence to the company. I blatantly followed their rules and regulations to the tee. I've seen good people get fired for being good supervisors to their staff, and seen great managers fired for standing up for their staff. I left, maybe in the heat of emotion. I did ask to be put down to a lower position, but they wouldn't hear of it. The supervisors expected me to do their jobs, and mine. I wasn't paid to be a supervisor, but that wasn't their problem.. it was mine. And now I'm the bad guy with the company! Where's the RESPECT!
—Guest Oh Boy

My Job Has Made Me a Right Winger

I am an advice worker at CAB, i used to want to help people, but now I'm just so sick of people moaning about trivial matters or trying to get me to help them win benefit appeals when they are clearly faking illness / disability or have had benefits stopped for claiming to be single mums when they aren't or they haven't bothered to show they're looking for work so have cuts to benefits. Then there are the ones who want me to get their priority housing points back after turning down emergency accommodation because the bedroom was not quite big enough or the bathroom was downstairs! I used to be sympathetic but now there's just too many and my caseload is too high to cope that I just don't care about anyone anymore, even the desperate cases. Plus food bank vouchers , I hate having to decide who is needy enough for them, it's just not what I signed up for! Then you bend over backwards to help and people are very rarely grateful. I have compassion fatigue.
—Guest Jenny

No Passion

I dread going to my job because I feel out of my depth and not confident to do it. I hold a university degree and have a fair amount of experience, but I haven't practiced in this field for the past three years. It's been absolutely terrifying returning to this industry and feeling like a complete dunce. The people are mostly really nice, but I hate the work, don't feel any passion for it and hence I clock-watch and can't wait for each day to end. I rotate through different sections and the upstairs section is absolutely terrifying...I feel totally out of my depth, I had no idea I would have to perform tasks such as these, and the expectation is high and will only increase as I become more experienced. It feels like a heavy burden that will only grow heavier. I'm fearful I will just not be able to get up in the morning one day and never go back. The pay is good and there are some good aspects to the job, but it isn't me. I'm dying to quit and forget it ever happened.
—Guest Dreaming of a better fit

Tired Of It All

I have my position changed at work and I told the new DM that I loved the position I had at my work. He smiled but didn't tell me it was going to change. Since the change there have been products I am suppose to learn to get the job done. Some of the information is easy to find but most is not and when a customer is sitting in front of you, you really don't want to waste their time trying to find an answer. When I have gone to ask my BM and ABM about what is the right procedure to help the clients. I have been told the wrong information and then blamed later for not doing the procedure correctly. There has been favoritism with the BM and the RM and she makes sure he hits his sales goals regardless. She has told many of the clients he is her favorite employee and there is no one like him. The market has been cornered by my BM, ABM and Senior Banker who are all over me and I am suppose to compete with them for sales. I have gone to HR about the verbal abuse I had gone through. To no avail.
—Guest Guest Lost

Starting at the Bottom, Next Step is Up

I work in an entry level job where I started out as a temp. I grind to get to my position where I stuck as the only competent one. Everyone else screws up in training or on the job so that they are considered "unable to perform" tasks, thus allowing them to sit in front of a computer all day. Management does not care as long as you look like you are working. They want to play a game to see which group gets the most employees under them. The culture supports slacking and stupidity. I am stuck doing banal tasks and fixing others messes. I was assigned work on vacation to make me look as if the work was taking really too long to do. It's paranoia and suspicion for me. Only good thing is that they treat me like God: I am ignored until they need me and they fear me leaving them. Cliques form around me and company group events are awkward since I am there as some black sheep. It is not a friendly environment since people don't look at each other in the hallways. I can't wait to sign my 2 weeks.
—Guest Sparkles


I hate my job because my manager is a complete a-hole. He favorites the people who stand around on their phones and picks on me. I clean all the time (I work at a yogurt shop) and it's NEVER EVER good enough. He nitpicks. He refuses to give me more than 2 days a week-- 4 1.5 hours each day because he thinks i don't deserve it and that I have never improved since the store has opened in June (now december). I cannot deal with him. Also, my life was potentially threatened at the store. When informing him, he didn't even care. F-U stupid manager/
—Guest Hiii

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