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Readers Respond: Why Do You Hate Your Job?

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Nobody speaks to each other at the company I work at. We sit in cubes and at the end of the day I am totally depressed having not spoken to a human being all day.
—Guest DD

I hate my job

Because our 'managers' are rubbish. They preach & teach all the rules & regs. (many in truck driving world) but when you do your best to comply, they despise you because you are straining resources and causing delays (in their perception anyway) I am also a woman & the men managers HATE the fact that a woman is better informed and trained in a 'mans' role than they are. They don't seem to want to raise the bar to improve standards; much easier to cut corners and take the path of least resistance. I'll stay because of my pay rate but I HATE it. I'm a good safe knowledgeable asset but I'm working for damn fools and its extremely demoralising.
—Guest Guest trucker

I don't hate my job, I hate the managers

My job advertised long hours, great benefits and good commission. It has all these things, but it also has teams of incompetent management that were promoted so the company could keep its spot on the TIME magazine ranking of employers who give opportunity to women and minorities. I have no problem with that, but some of these managers are not management material! They berate in meetings, rather than in private, they try to foster an atmosphere of fear and paranoia in the main warehouse and condescend to people who've been doing the job for 30 plus years when they're barely out of college. Added to that, the great benefits and commission are only available once they authorize you for what is promised to be a quick promotion. Then they throw you at the hardest jobs with little help (that resents being told to help you in the first place) and keep you in that introductory position for as long as possible. I just got this job, but I already want to quit. I had my last one for years. :(
—Guest Not what was advertised

Work Tirade

i post my gripes about work at http://www.worktirade.com
—Guest work tirade

Assumed Christian

I've been with my company for 12 years now. So, no one told me that only Christians are hired here...I must look the part, but I am not. I grew up on the East coast, and no single religion was favored. Yes, I may have been indoctrinated as a Catholic, but hitting age 50, I realized that I just don't buy ANY OF IT. I don't. Moving to the midwest and working for a "family" business has showed me they make huge assumptions about the people they hire. Now, I get bombarded with religious emails, invitations to accept Jesus into my heart, and scripture verses. I'm an HR person, for heaven's sake! I want OUT!

Job is Making Me Miserable

I work in a restaurant. I get treated like crap because I actually do my job. My coworkers are lazy, rude, and all they do is gossip about who slept with who, and who cheated on who. Management is just as bad. They join in on the gossip while people are waiting to be helped at the front, and i cant always get to them right away. It ticks me off!
—Guest bri

I Hate Pushing Sales on People

After 10 years in sales, persuading people to buy products/services they don't need I've realised that I've probably wasted my working life so far!
—Guest Intelligent guy

Boss Trusts the Wrong Guy

I hate my boss because he just believes and trusts the wrong guy. He brought in a person who can be a senior person on top of me and he doesn't know anything. I am teaching him and he is getting the credit!!!! I tried to show it to my boss but it just won't work.
—Guest Guest A

Burned Out Teacher

There are too many reasons why I am unhappy in my job. Student behaviors, student apathy, student lack of responsibility, student motivation, student lack of appreciation for what I am trying to do for them, state and federal testing requirements, boredom with my subject and curriculum, grading papers every day without time for it. I get 50 minutes to plan my day and grade 70+ assignments and most days the assignments have to be graded on my own time. When I work OT it actually makes me get paid less per hour because I am on salary, parents think their children are always right and that teachers are always wrong, parents in general, administration too afraid to do anything that would ruffle feathers. I have done this for 10 years and I know I need to make a change not only for me but for the students that I teach. They deserve someone who enjoys what they do and inspires them. I only make them hate math and me. The only thing I like is the vacation time--not a reason to stay.
—Guest MathTeacher10

Elderly Care Sucks

I've worked in elderly care for over 20 years and i've had it. I hate grumpy old women, I hate the smell of pee, I hate lugging overweight old people around because there is no lift between floors. I hate doing a 12 hour night shift, I hate the morons I work with who think they're so important when a trained chimp could do their job. I hate cleaning out commode pots by hand as there is no proper sluice. I am burned out and being made ill and depressed by this job. Have given my notice, but have to work till end of month, feel like killing myself!!
—Guest blondie

Bad Boss

My boss is a punk. He was brought in by my real boss to mentor to him on moving up in the company. He has zero people and socialization skills. He dresses in suits that are 2 sizes too big: he gets DUI's while driving on a military base he sleeps with his employees, he thinks he knows everyone else's jobs, and he doesn't, and he wants me to purposefully break rules and regulations.
—Guest SDWRU

Stuck In Rut

I have been in the same job - University bookstore - working in the same Dept. for 14 years. I used to love my job until the Dept. was taken over by the Finance Dept. My bosses are bullies and some of the people I work with are bossy as well and push me around although I have the most seniority. I feel as though I don't count anymore and that I am not needed. I have seven years to go until retirement and feel stuck in a rut. There are no challenges left and no chances for advancement of any sort. That is why I hate my job.
—Guest Wish I Could Retire

Family Business

I really hate this job I'm currently at. The company started out as a family company and there are some family members who still remain to this day. I made a lot of friends and most of them are nice people however family members get special treatments and I was lie right in my face about current stuff that was going happen. I'm not currently doing what I was hired to do and with every single day that passes by, I wish for the pink slip. I could say my job is the worst, yet there are people out there who have jobs that look like sh*t compared to the job I have. I don't know how long I can last with this company anymore since I'm fed up with the IT stone age equipment that I have to salvage and put together for new employees.
—Guest Hating

What is the POINT?????

I'm 35 years old and I've worked for a state Department of Environmental Protection agency for the past 6 years. That makes me the youngest, least senior, lowest paid person in an office of over 100. There is virtually no merit-based advancement, or advancement of any kind. There are no bonuses. I took a 20% pay cut to come work here, because I wanted to make a difference. I used to have 8 coworkers my age to hang out with at lunch but they were all laid off a couple years ago due to budget cuts. The average age at our agency is now around 54. Most of my coworkers are like zombies stumbling toward retirement. They've been pushed around and beaten down by so many administrations they just don't care. We hardly protect the environment at all. They keep telling me "someday this will all be yours." If I can make it to that time in the future, around 15 to 20 years from now, I hope that my DEP doesn't look anything like the one I work for now. Hopefully I'm not a zombie by then.
—Guest DEP

Thanks for the Advice

I truly am so sick of my job everyday. It's been 10 years! I will keep it quiet though. But I hate my job and so sick of it!

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