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Readers Respond: Tips for Writing Cover Letters

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From the article: Cover Letter Tips
Do you have a cover writing tip? Share your best tips for writing cover letters that help you get the interview.

Cover letter tips

The cover letter needs to be very short. It needs to be very brief and sustainable. It should contain the facts that are needed to meet the main purpose for writing.
—Guest Benjamin

PDF Resume and Cover Letter Attachments

When emailing a resume and/or cover letter as an attachment, ALWAYS send in PDF format not the Microsoft Word format you used to create the resume/attachment. The recipients of your resume/cover letter can have different versions of Microsoft Word and email programs can change the text formatting of Word attachments. PDF format preserves all of your formatting and guarantees the recipient of your resume/cover letter will view it exactly as you want it.
—Guest Marie

Cover Letter Tips

In a cover letter a person does not want to go to overboard with information, because the essence of a cover letter is to be able to introduce one's resume and get the employer or reader excited about the resume and the applicant.
—Guest Hilary Jean Silvestri

Use the words in the posting

Be sure to mention phrases in the ad or job posting when you talk about your credentials.

2 Cents on the topic

Never ignore sending a cover letter along with a resume, it can be a deciding factor for an interview call. Most of the hiring managers prefer a cover letter.

Tips for writing a cover letter:

Write a cover letter in simple words that understandable easily by the reader and he read your mind by reading the letter.
—Guest zafar

Really Crucial

A covering letter should be straightforward and to the point. The reader must get the impression that it is to his benefit to hiring you.
—Guest aaryan

~ Cover Letter Objectives ~

What a Cover Letter should do for you? >> Reflects your personality, motivation and communication ability >> Demonstrates skills, experience and or educational background you have, which matches the employment advertisement >> Sets a precedence for your resume >> Acts as an opening statement of character building What should a Cover Letter do for a company? >> States which position you are applying to >> How you heard about the position >> What you know about the company >> Why you want to work for the company

Speak to Their Needs

As you write your cover letter, make sure you are speaking to the needs of the company and the position. Instead of generalizations, address the requirements of the position and how you fulfill those needs (including relevant successes).
—Guest Melina Murray

Cover Letter & Resume Should Match

Make sure you use your resume letterhead for your cover letter to maintain a consistent brand and professional appearance. Also use the same font and bullet styles on the cover letter as used in the resume. Presentation matters!
—Guest August Cohen, CPRW, NCRW, CARW

Is Cover Letter More Important?

Interviewers often pay more attention to the cover letter or email than the resume. Why? Because the resume is often created by a professional resume writer or outplacement consultant, while the cover letter is usually the product of the applicant. Sloppy grammar and many misspellings tell you a lot about the individual. See the chapter on cover letters in "Much of What You Know about Job Search Just Ain't So." Read the first chapter free at Barnes & Noble - http://bn.com
—Guest Interview Doctor

Research Pays Off

Take the time to find out what you can about the company, and hiring manager. Send the cover letter (CC: HR) & resume to the manager if you know who they are. Paint a picture of the possible: why you, specifically, can impact the company, and prove it by pointing to work you've done in the past that seems applicable to the job/ company in question. Martin Burns Recruiting Manager/ Job Search Blogger ZoomInfo
—Guest Martin Burns

Writing Cover Letters

Take the time to customize your letter so it reflects why you are a strong applicant for the job. Use your cover letter to sell your skills to the hiring manager.
—Guest Georgie Snow

Cover Letter Tip

Proof your cover letter, proof it again, then have someone else read it for you to make sure it's perfect.
—Guest Mikalia

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