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Readers Respond: Top Dream Jobs

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From the article: How to Find Your Dream Job
What's your dream job? Read about dream jobs and add your dream job to the list contributed by About.com site visitors.

Dream Job

I would love to be on a talk show or a morning news show. I know a little about everything. I always thought I would be great at that.
—Guest Kathie


When I'm older I would like to be a psychologist although it wasn't my first choice. My first choice was a fashion designer. But psychology is really interesting as it's a study of mind and human behaviour. Also, I love to solve problems by helping people.
—Guest Tamima

Mechanical Engineer

I want to be a mechanical engineer. I'm good at math and the engineering field is very interesting to me.
—Guest Tony

Helping People

My dream job is to help people who are mentally and/or physically unstable. Mentally, people just need someone to listen and show that they care. I've always had a gift for bringing out the truth in people and making them feel better and stronger afterward. Physically, I would love to be a Zumba instructor and dance until I can't dance anymore. My dream is to help people find their soul and encourage it to come alive. When I touch another life it is truly the most rewarding job anyone could ask for.
—Guest lauren

Music Therapist

Ever since I was a child, I have been easily swayed by the power of music - its power to console people or break their hearts, to make them think and dream, to bring them together, etc. Whenever I find myself in a low mood, I turn on the music and it brings my spirit out of the pit. If I can bring this healing power to others, I will feel I am fulfilling my life's purpose.
—Guest Elizabeth

No More Hungry Children in US

I have always been interested in the health and nutritional care of children of all ages. I am now at a point in my professional career to put my volunteer interests together with my professional experiences. I would like to be involved in a company that has as a mission to help with the hunger issue in the US or to work for a not-for-profit company for this same cause.

Creative Consultant

For marketing a mid-sized metro area or regional non-profit, leading and mentoring a team of young professionals.
—Guest Martin Bentley Krebs

Aerospace Press Release Writer

I would love to do this because it would take the three things I am most interested in (space exploration, public relations, and writing) and put it all together into one job. Although becoming an astronaut would be very cool.
—Guest Smiling Always

Union Rep

I would love to defend people in a Union environment. This would include facilitation, training, steward work and motivational speaking. I love to be the voice for people that do not speak up for themselves. I have so many ideas in so many areas but life got in the way of catching them.
—Guest Just a dreamer

Helping People in Need

I would love to work with disadvantaged families. I would just love to work somewhere where my work can help people in need, especially the single parent families that has to provide for their children/ families by their selves and don't have much.

Back-up Singer

I would love love love to sing oohs and aaaahs in a rock band. Or with Sheryl Crow. Or Crosby Stills and Nash and Young.
—Guest Rebecca

I have THREE top ones!!

Pilot for a major Commercial Airline and own my own private plane; working out of my home for American Girl Doll (I worked for a major University out of my home for almost 9 yrs) would be a dream job as my Granddaughters would think I was THEEEE coolest (and great discounts!)! And, I'd love to work in about any position for the Ellen DeGeneres show!!! Guess I would need to clone myself to do all three? ;-)
—Guest Faye


My dream job would only have co-workers who were happy to be there or at least wouldn't gripe constantly about all the negatives, including each other!
—Guest Sigh

Best Selling Author & Motivation Speaker

I would love to write different genre of books, have book signings, give some of the proceeds to charities.
—Guest Author

Human Resources

My dream job is in Human Resources at a college or university: providing benefits advice to employees, hiring viable candidates, conducting training and new hire orientations. Not only do I love these tasks, but the university atmosphere is very stimulating.
—Guest people person

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