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Readers Respond: Top Dream Jobs

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From the article: Dream Jobs
What's your dream job? Read about dream jobs and add your dream job to the list contributed by About.com site visitors. Share Your Dream Job

Repair Specialist

My dream job is a job where you work 4 days a week traveling to localities all over to repair equipment that no one else can. For example. ... medical equipment
—Guest jcsd

Chocolate Taster

It would be awesome to be one of the people who work for the major companies to taste the chocolate products before they are mass produced. I'm sure they have to taste test many many recipes before and during product productions. People actually get paid for doing it! YUM
—Guest Meme

Still Looking ..

I love exploring, nature, outdoor activities, animals, promoting mind/body/ spirit wellness thru meditation, yoga, ayurveda, and right nutrition. I love science would love to study new technologies and medicine and cures. My ideal job would be one that fits all of this ....
—Guest Neha

Doctor or Surgeon

Ever since I was a kid I loved science. It's a subject of never ending discovery. Being a doctor would help me achieve a lot such as helping people and making cures for many who suffer and are in pain. I will dedicate all of my studies and hard work to becoming a doctor or a surgeon.
—Guest Gulzeb

Music Interpreter

I love music and at the same time I love English. So I am eager to achieve my goal which can combine music with English. It will not only be my job any more! I believe i can follow my dream!
—Guest Kelly


I fall into a trance when I read a well-written book, and even more so when I write. I want to write these characters out of my head.
—Guest Maeghan


I always was interested in art and always wanted to be an artist. I wanted to copy the beautiful nature around me.
—Guest Aamnah

Chief of Maintenance

My dream job is working for a company that wants good workmanship in a remote area.
—Guest Bill

Live Stock Management

To secure and maintain an owner's investments and to further the owner's ambition concerning live stock and care. A team together is a winning team.
—Guest Tara.west@insightbb.com

Tenured Professor in Applied Linguistics

I love the study and structure of Applied Linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, I love it! If only universities were hiring.
—Guest Stephen

Young Professional

I have always wanted to be an intellectual property attorney but I didn't have the patience to go to school for 7 years, instead I became a paralegal earning a two year degree and I love it. Law has always been my dream job, but I would love to start my own legal document processing business so I can be my own boss. I am also planning to enroll in my local community college to take real estate courses, as this has also been a strong interest of mine. I am on a path to creating a legacy of some sort.
—Guest Anise


I would like to work for a company like Rodale.They appear to care about their employes and have a healthy work environment. It would be exciting to be a part of all the good they do for the earth and mankind.
—Guest smith


I found my dream job on www.jobdreaming.com - a website that specializes in finding the jobs you'd love to do. I'm a marketeer and a community manager, and I wouldn't trade my job for the world :) I'm working from home and I get a decent paycheck. My working hours are flexible and all the commuting I do happens between the hallway and my work room :) I work with clients all over the world and they're all very happy with my work - I wouldn't change it for the world :)
—Guest Daeliel

Dream Job

I would purchase a ship, a helocopter and an airplane. Hire a devoted team of sailors and pilots and deliver food, water, clothing, the tools required to build a new life.
—Guest Colleen

Music Therapist

Ever since I was a child, I have been easily swayed by the power of music - its power to console people or break their hearts, to make them think and dream, to bring them together, etc. Whenever I find myself in a low mood, I turn on the music and it brings my spirit out of the pit. If I can bring this healing power to others, I will feel I am fulfilling my life's purpose.
—Guest Elizabeth

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