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Readers Respond: Top Dream Jobs

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From the article: How to Find Your Dream Job
What's your dream job? Read about dream jobs and add your dream job to the list contributed by About.com site visitors. Share Your Dream Job

Dream Job

I would love to be on a talk show or a morning news show. I know a little about everything. I always thought I would be great at that.
—Guest Kathie


When I'm older I would like to be a psychologist although it wasn't my first choice. My first choice was a fashion designer. But psychology is really interesting as it's a study of mind and human behaviour. Also, I love to solve problems by helping people.
—Guest Tamima

Mechanical Engineer

I want to be a mechanical engineer. I'm good at math and the engineering field is very interesting to me.
—Guest Tony

Helping People

My dream job is to help people who are mentally and/or physically unstable. Mentally, people just need someone to listen and show that they care. I've always had a gift for bringing out the truth in people and making them feel better and stronger afterward. Physically, I would love to be a Zumba instructor and dance until I can't dance anymore. My dream is to help people find their soul and encourage it to come alive. When I touch another life it is truly the most rewarding job anyone could ask for.
—Guest lauren

Music Therapist

Ever since I was a child, I have been easily swayed by the power of music - its power to console people or break their hearts, to make them think and dream, to bring them together, etc. Whenever I find myself in a low mood, I turn on the music and it brings my spirit out of the pit. If I can bring this healing power to others, I will feel I am fulfilling my life's purpose.
—Guest Elizabeth

No More Hungry Children in US

I have always been interested in the health and nutritional care of children of all ages. I am now at a point in my professional career to put my volunteer interests together with my professional experiences. I would like to be involved in a company that has as a mission to help with the hunger issue in the US or to work for a not-for-profit company for this same cause.

Creative Consultant

For marketing a mid-sized metro area or regional non-profit, leading and mentoring a team of young professionals.
—Guest Martin Bentley Krebs

Aerospace Press Release Writer

I would love to do this because it would take the three things I am most interested in (space exploration, public relations, and writing) and put it all together into one job. Although becoming an astronaut would be very cool.
—Guest Smiling Always

Union Rep

I would love to defend people in a Union environment. This would include facilitation, training, steward work and motivational speaking. I love to be the voice for people that do not speak up for themselves. I have so many ideas in so many areas but life got in the way of catching them.
—Guest Just a dreamer

Helping People in Need

I would love to work with disadvantaged families. I would just love to work somewhere where my work can help people in need, especially the single parent families that has to provide for their children/ families by their selves and don't have much.

Back-up Singer

I would love love love to sing oohs and aaaahs in a rock band. Or with Sheryl Crow. Or Crosby Stills and Nash and Young.
—Guest Rebecca

I have THREE top ones!!

Pilot for a major Commercial Airline and own my own private plane; working out of my home for American Girl Doll (I worked for a major University out of my home for almost 9 yrs) would be a dream job as my Granddaughters would think I was THEEEE coolest (and great discounts!)! And, I'd love to work in about any position for the Ellen DeGeneres show!!! Guess I would need to clone myself to do all three? ;-)
—Guest Faye


My dream job would only have co-workers who were happy to be there or at least wouldn't gripe constantly about all the negatives, including each other!
—Guest Sigh

Best Selling Author & Motivation Speaker

I would love to write different genre of books, have book signings, give some of the proceeds to charities.
—Guest Author

Human Resources

My dream job is in Human Resources at a college or university: providing benefits advice to employees, hiring viable candidates, conducting training and new hire orientations. Not only do I love these tasks, but the university atmosphere is very stimulating.
—Guest people person

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Top Dream Jobs

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