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I Am Homeless

Share Your Story: What Do You Do To Cope With Being Unemployed?

By Tina Louise Holloman

What is the Hardest Part of Being Unemployed?

Not having any income coming in they are dening my unemployment and it is hard for me to cope with. I am homeless and it is hard I lost my apartment. I am staying with people which is really nice of them but I feel that I am a burden on them. I am still not getting my money but I still have faith in God he is the only one. My family won't even help me no one accept my boyfriend and his mother it's hard I's been really hard for me till this day.

What I Did

I have been looking for jobs endlessly everyday I have been feeling out applications after applications and it is hard because some job don't call back and I am keeping my head up but it is hard. I just wish that the one job that I want will call me and say when can you start and what is your pay expectations. I can say you have some people out there that will help you and make sure that I am ok and making sure that I keep my head up.

Lessons Learned

  • Not to do and say anything wrong do your work and keep a smile on your face when the situations is hard to deal with and stay positive and have God in your heart he will take you you through this triumph.

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