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Reader Stories: What Do You Do To Cope With Being Unemployed?


Coping with being unemployed can be really hard. It's very difficult not only in regard to finances and how you are going to pay the bills, but also from an emotional perspective. Job loss is on the list of the top most stressful life events and it's really tough when you lose your job.

Share the story of how you have coped with being unemployed and read other people's stories about coping with unemployment.

Coping with Unemployment and Learning From It

I stopped myself from feeling sorry. I forgave the people that contributed to my job loss. I used the internet and got inspiration from other people. I became frugal. I bought only what i needed, I m…More

The First Month of Unemployment Was the Worst

The first month of unemployment was the worst. It was like a whole 360 degrees change. It had been a while since I had to look for a job, and now I didn't know where to start. It was scary, uncertain…More

I Try to Stay Positive

Though I refused to sign on, I have budgeted on my current savings. I signed up to do a degree and have began looking for voluntary work at the same time looking for a job. Each day, the news of the …More

I Am Homeless

I have been looking for jobs endlessly everyday I have been feeling out applications after applications and it is hard because some job don't call back and I am keeping my head up but it is hard. I j…More

Feeling Sorry for Yourself is Not Going to Help

Well I managed to get by with unemployment compensation but now by benefits have been exhausted. I spend a lot of time on the computer... it keeps my mind off of my situation. I apply for jobs everyd…More

Another Door Will Open

Came back home, and started looking for a new job, but in my own countryYou have to have all the faith to stat this process all over again.When 1 door is closed, another will be opened for youYou are…More

Get Support From Your Network

Stayed active in various networking groups including professional, alumni and local networking and job assistance groups. Other groups that can be particularly effective are faith-based groups associ…More

Temp Jobs and Volunteering

I do temp jobs to help pay the bills. I have explained to my kids that for now, I wont buy them new stuff, they have to make-do with what they have.I volunteer as a literacy tutor. Interacting with m…More

Networking On and Off LinkedIn

Pray and and Pray some more. Also it's important to not neglect my spiritual needs, by attending meetings. And the support of family and friends is especially important during the time I've been unem…More

I Am Not Interested in the Words "Too Old"

Keep trying. Keep looking for possibilities in the field of my expertise. Try to find ways where I can find other alternatives (I am sure that I could make a living doing translation work from French…More

Save Your Money for a Rainy Day

I've cut back on as many bills as I can. I don't go out for meals and I don't buy even a cup of coffee at Starbucks. I had a little bit of savings, so that has helped. I job search every day, but I h…More

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