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Unemployment Denied Because I Couldn't Prove My Identity

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By RobertOtto1076

The job I lost

I had a sales job for four years, it wasn't much but I was able to pay my bills. Sales had been increasingly slow and my boss was no longer able to pay my salary. In October I was laid off and I applied for unemployment here in California. Unemployment asked for identity verification which was sent. After four weeks of waiting they said that I was denied because I couldn't prove my identity. This took three more weeks to clear up. After 11 weeks I was cut off. Now I'm waiting for an appeal, it has been 8 weeks since I've heard from them. 20 years of work to 11 weeks of unemployment.

What it's like being unemployed

The system here in California is more messed up than the economy! They actually sent me a letter to tell me that they would send me another letter to inform me when my hearing for the appeal is! If you plan on trying to find a job don't do it in California. It's hard to imagine that things could be any more messed up than what they are here but I'm sure they are trying!


  • Don't expect California to be fair about how they work their programs. I know of people that have only worked about 2 years since they last collected and went through 26 weeks of unemployment plus several extensions. I've worked 20 years straight and got cut off after only 11 weeks. What is wrong with this picture.

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