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Hello. We're Still Out Here Trying to Find Work

Share Your Story: Share Your Personal Unemployment Story

By judee725

Hello. We're Still Out Here Trying to Find Work

Useless Now?

The job I lost

I worked for a company owned by a father and son. My job was a creation of the son, whom I had worked with for years. I had worked for the previous 8 years for a manufacturer who had filed bankruptcy. The management style and ideas of both father and son were polar opposites. Once I accepted the job, my task became to fight for my right to be there because father did not want the expansion or progression of the department that I was there to improve. I reported to a man [son] who was never in office and one day while he was on the road, father laid me off.

What it's like being unemployed

I have worked for a paycheck since I was 15 years old. I am now 53 and have met with no response to my efforts, with 2 exceptions, since 2008. The two exceptions; I was basically hired on the phone and went in for the formality of filling out paperwork, that is, until I arrived and they hiring manager saw me in person. My age, the fact that I am 30 pounds overweight and look a little older than I actually am [due to personal hardships since being laid-off], always stopped the process dead. Each manager would not even return my calls to give me any explanation of why I was not pursued further. So, I can only assume age discrimination at this point. I have been studying for the last 6+ years to get my bachelor's degree in psychology, but have had to take a term off because financial aid is exhausted for me and I have only 5 classes left, so I must find a way to get money to finish my degree with the hope of 'possibly' finding employment. Our 401k accounts have had to be emptied in order to live for the last 4 years, so there is no retirement money to look forward to. I have been suffering from doubts, depression and panic attacks for several months now. I just don't understand why I have been deemed useless with 15-17 years left to work before retirement, and a bounty of talent, ideas and experience to offer. Especially, since employers are compalining that the 'me' generation is cursed with the inability to be decisive and take critcisms.


  • I wish I had some to offer. In fact, I wish I could receive some effective advice or suggestions myself. So what is this new extended benefits program going to do for me? My tiers were exhausted over a year ago, but I am still unemployed. Hello...we are still out here...what about us?

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