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Reader Stories: Share Your Personal Unemployment Story


Unemployed? Unemployed? Share your personal unemployment story and tell us about the job you lost, what it has been like being unemployed, and what you might have learned while you're out of work. Read, as well, about others who are unemployed and what life has been like for them.

Disabled US Veteran Can't Find a Job

I am 60 years old and disabled (only able to walk with a cane). Considering these factors, and our economic problems, I cannot seem to find a job. What's more, my sole daughter is a sophomore at a le…More

Nothing Has Been the Same Since I Lost My Job

I am scared...all the time.I take temp jobs when I can find them, only to be "unemployed" again. I have lost almost everything I have.I live in a city that does not grow, will NOT grow.I am scared.. …More

16 Years in the Healthcare Documentation Industry

Before I was laid off from my last job, I went back to school and received my MBA in Healthcare Management. I actually graduated a month after I was laid off. I feel like it was a total waste of time…More

One Day at a Time, with Lots of Panic Days In Between

I've been unemployed since 1/1/2011 and it was very difficult trying to find a job, so I decided I was going to go to school. Thus being equally as hard as trying to work 65+ hours and travel.I am ve…More

New Requirements for Unemployment Make It So Much Tougher

It sucks so bad! Now they passed these new stupid requirements for unemployment. It make it so much tougher when you life in a small community like Somerset, but they don't care. I thought the govern…More

Employers Look Down on the Long Term Unemployed

I was very afraid at first. I was 7 months pregnant with my first child. My husband worked part-time, about 30 hours a week at $11 per hour, and I frantically applied to anything. I was also of cours…More

Trying to Find A Job is No Walk in the Park

Not very easy to meet financial obligations, especially with taxes being withheld from the Unemployment benefits. No walk in the park finding another job either. In my hometown there are no jobs at a…More

Now I Hate Waking Up in the Morning

I hate it. I feel worthless and I can't provide for my family. I have no money and I don't qualify for welfare. I have nowhere to turn. Now I hate waking up in the morning and I am now on medication …More

500+ Applications, but No Job

It has been degrading, humiliating and very hard. When you have to try to get help with food, the food banks treat you with such disrespect that you don't want to try to get help. I am surprised at h…More

Hello. We're Still Out Here Trying to Find Work

I have worked for a paycheck since I was 15 years old. I am now 53 and have met with no response to my efforts, with 2 exceptions, since 2008. The two exceptions; I was basically hired on the phone a…More

Hoping There's a Job Out There Somewhere

Scary, especially when there are no jobs. How are you going to pay your bills and feed your children? I am 50 years old and hope there is work still out there somewhere. Not in Wisconsin. I do not kn…More

Specialized Technical Skills But No Job Offers

60 years old-18 months unemployed-300+ resumes-6 responses-2 interviews. What else is there to say? Every employer insists on internet applications. No human contact. Retraining is expensive unless y…More

My Last Job was Bad, But Being Unemployed is Worse

I "voluntarily left" my job since the company was going out of business and I had to find somewhere to live due to the lease on my home ending. That is hard to explain in a job interview. Since I lef…More

Praying for Tier 5

Horrible, scary , sad and some people treat you bad like OH MY GOD YOU CAN GET A JOB. And I say "Ok, where? Can you give me a job? I will work anywhere for lots less pay than I was making". When you …More

Found a Job But Can't Afford Childcare

Horrible! have been living from check to check with a gut-wrenching feeling of being terminated at any time. Now that I have been interviewing I am running the risk of not being able to take the job …More

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