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Reader Stories: Share Your Personal Unemployment Story


Unemployed? Unemployed? Share your personal unemployment story and tell us about the job you lost, what it has been like being unemployed, and what you might have learned while you're out of work. Read, as well, about others who are unemployed and what life has been like for them.

No Car, No Bus Service, No Job

Currently I'm collecting social security but stuck living older brother's home. I do household chores for barter. Before social security, I didn't have a car so I could not reach the job site . The m…More

Fired from a Call Center

It's very hard; especially with the government dragging their heels on this. They are able to pay their bills and feed and clothe their families, but how are the unemployed able to do that? I despera…More

Laid Off After Almost 30 Years on the Job

Hopelessness, depressing, I found I was not wanting to live, I felt worthless. Not having anything to wake up to, to look forward to, extremely upsetting, no food, no visiting, just nothing, I could…More

Keeping a Positive Attitude

I have been optimistic and I turn my stress into a source of motivation to look for work. I do not like relying on EDD as my source of funding because everything happens in its own time, not mine. I …More

Laid Off After Changing Jobs

I don't likeI think of my customers daily and the needs and confusion that they may be going through now.I hate it because my lovely wife is so concerned. I am coping and trying not to have any anxie…More

Looking for a Job, Not a Hand-Out

Unemployment has been misery for me; not only because I'd rather be working 2 full time jobs at once than being a jobless adult and mother of 2 children; but also because of my current/past living si…More

I Feel Like the World Has Rejected Me

I feel like the world has rejected me. I am on food stamps and unemployment benefits are threatening to cut me. I don't know what to do. I apply everywhere and I never get any calls except spam calls…More

This So-Called Safety Net?

When you are on unemployment they look for any reason not to pay you although your job paid into unemployment for your so-called safety net. They tell you to look for a job but when you can't find on…More

Single Mom of Four Wants Her Kids to Have a Chance

It's pure hell!! I'm 41 with a high school education with 2 kids in college and now I'm living with my parents. I went from making $56000 a year to nothing!! It's so hard not to give up. I am putting…More

Facing Reduced Benefits

I have worked one year in the last four. I made a decent living. I am a 58 year old engineer and am forced to live with my mother. She sewed gloves in a sweat shop for 60 years. How do you think this…More

I Lost More Than a Job

It's difficult not to harbor bitterness or ill will. Any complaining sounds like sour grapes and it was my ultimate goal to leave with grace and dignity. The circumstances surrouding my unemployment …More

A Novel Based on Real Life

It was horrible! Since I got laid off in June, 2011 my American dream became a American nightmare. I have a self-published a novel based this bad experience. Now my book Laolao's DragonGate is availa…More

Unemployed and Scared in Detroit

This is one of the scariest situations I have endured, I have been using most of my checks paying late fees, because they are not enough for my rent. I have been spending most of my time thinking abo…More

My New Philosophy is Positive Thinking

In the beginning it takes awhile to really tighten the budget. I can live on 1/5th of what I used to make and save a little bit. I am single, though.I guess in 4 years I've been on 6 decent interview…More

The Unemployment Office Doesn't Answer the Phone

It sucks. I'm very qualified for every job I've applied for, but so is everyone else I guess. Now I'm losing unemployment and can't get through the CA agency. An additional problem is that most of th…More

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