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Reader Stories: Share Your Unemployment Story


Please note: This document has been updated. Please share your unemployment story here: Unemployment Stories 2014

This is America?

I was on medical leave from my job when my mother had a stroke and had to be put in a nursing home since she could no longer live alone. She died within a month. After burying my mother and being aud…More

Need a Break

It sucks being on unemployment. People feel like you are lazy because you aren't working when that's not even the case! I just can't get a job. It's hard only having just enough for rent and nothing …More

No Guarantees in Life

It's hell! My benefits have been cut off, and I still haven't found any job that will hire someone at my age (58). I'm a Vietnam veteran and still can't get hired. I have to dip into my 401k just to …More

Stay Out of Florida

The bad thing is that I live in Florida. Everyday I go out looking for a job, another business closes here - what recovery? There's certainly none here in Florida. The woods are filled with the homel…More

About to Lose it All at 35

I hate being unemployed! I live in more stress than ever. My health is suffering. I can't deal with all my other problems the same way. I need help! My Dad just died 3 months ago and I had to get cer…More

Savings is a Great Habit

I am a qualified engineer having 35 years experience. I am on unemployment insurance since Jan 2010 and consumed my 26 weeks. My son graduated in May but there is no job for him.My wife is a home mak…More

Feeling Hopeless and Unemployed

To begin with you feel depressed, like you did something wrong when they shut down your place of employment. You file for your unemployment and start praying for something where you and your family d…More

Nothing More to Give

I have to count every penny that goes out. I cant put my kids into preschool because it's too much money, and it would only take away from our food to eat. We never get to go do fun things anymore. I…More

Hurting For a Job

Boring as hell, tired of looking for work were they want to pay you the same thing as your kids. Can't say enough about being unemployed. I have never been unemployed in my life. There are so many ch…More

Someone Took My Job for Half the Salary

I became unemployed Nov. 26 2009. Since that time I have applied for hundreds of jobs. I worked a couple weeks doing odd jobs so as not to have to claim unemployment. Turns out if I wouldn't have don…More

I Have No Clue What to Do

I am normally a happy go lucky person. I am married with 3 kids, and now my wife is the provider. I am depressed, and tired all of the time. I am constantly filling out applications, but never do I r…More

It Forced Me to Live in a Motel

I feel that not being able to get unemployment any more or getting a job is unfair and making my life a lot more hard than it should be and forced me to live in a motel because I could not afford my…More

Hungry, Tired and Angry

It is miserable, you have not control over when you can pay your bills, buy groceries, or even put gas in your car. Mortgage payment - forget about it you don't get to make one as long as you are une…More

My Family is Fighting to Put Food on the Table

being unemployed is rough because u worry on a day to day basis of how ur gonna make it and support your family as well as provide a shelter for your family. My experience has been devestating from m…More

Loving What I Do With a Passion

At beginning of my lay off back in September of 2008 there still seemed to be some amount of hope that the Construction industry still had life. I applied for Project Management jobs with great hope …More

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