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Why Won't Anyone Hire Me?

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By Karen

The job I lost

I lost a job in escrow that I was an assistant for 7 years. Before that I was in retail management for 1 years.

What it's like being unemployed

I have been on so many interviews and applied for so many jobs. I cannot even get a phone call back from the local grocery store that is currently hiring. Apparently I am over qualified but all I want to do right now is work. I just want to work, start over and work. Why won't anyone hire me?

I have three children and need to take care of them. They do not understand why we have no money for extra things such as shoes or clothes.

My husband and I have realized that I will have to work a shift that is when he gets home so that we do not have to pay for child care. We have never been apart from one another but this is what we must do and I cannot even get any employer to call me back or give me a try. It is so frustrating.


  • What have I learned. I have been humbled and grateful that I have been home with my kids. I never had that before however it is getting difficult to put food on the table so things are getting stressful and I am getting more scared. I have gone back to college while unelpoyed so at least I have something to motivate me:)

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