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What Do I Tell My Family?

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By NewmomnMO

The job I lost

My most recent position included working as Corporate Behavior Therapy Consultant for a Long Term Care organization, creating, revising and rewriting policy and procedure at the corporate level, facilitating weekly behavior meetings with department heads, providing individual and group therapy for residents in behavioral long term care, conducting assessments and making treatment recommendations on behalf of the residents and facility as well as program oversight, consultation, creating and implementing behavior training, marketing programs, risk management and crisis intervention.

What it's like being unemployed

Unfortunately 6 months ago I was abruptly laid off from employment with no foreseen potential to return to work. I had recently returned to working after FMLA for our first born baby girl two weeks prior.

For the last 6 months my time has been spent searching for employment and budgeting every penny as my previous salary was almost 4 times a week what my benefits were allowing me to collect to pay for bills and expenses.

I have diligently worked to follow all requirements of the department of labor. I was also a profiler for the State with the career center and upheld my duty to go into my local career center every four weeks and meet with staff.

I was informed in the beginning of June that I had reached my allowed benefit amount and there was nothing left to provide at this time due to the expiration of the extension of benefits. I was shocked, I had no idea the process for extension would eliminate even a first tier extension when others in my community had received 99 weeks of benefits and I had received only 26. Why is it our "public servants" find these families more important than mine?

I struggle to explain to my husband why our government is failing us. I have spent every day of my adult life working hard for the State Children’s Division, School Districts and also in the health care field and I now feel that my efforts are for nothing as what I am receiving when I need assistance the most is, "So sorry, there is nothing we can do but wait and see."

While we wait and see, my daughter needs formula, diapers and food. We have electric, gas, food, mortgage and car payments and other bills that must get paid while everything continues to pile up and drain our finances. Without the passing of an extension it is unclear what the future holds as I continue to search for employment to assist in providing for my family.

What are they waiting for? It seems the primarily unimaginably wealthy Senators paying no taxes on their $175,000 salaries have no concept of what life is like when you have no clue if you can pay your mortgage or water bill each month. Talk about out of touch with reality, how can I think about the deficit when I cannnot get past today's financial concerns in my home?


  • Write your Senator, call the offices, go to Congress.org and search for the Senator you need to contact, it's as simple as entering your zip code. We need to personalize this crisis as clearly these Senators are not together enough to understand the severity of this issue and the devastation the 1.2 million of us are struggling with! This is not a republican/democrate issue, this affects everyone across the isles!

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