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What Am I Supposed To Do?

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By greek

The job I lost

I'm a laborer for a bridge painting compony and it is seasonal. Wwhen I went to my boss and asked when do we start, he said there might not be work so they don't know if they need me. So, until I find a job what am I supposed to do? jobs are so low right now there is really nothing out here for me. I can't learn to be a nurse, that's just not me and that seems to be all that's out there

It's not like I can go back to school, because if I can't pay my bills to keep my home. then I will have no way to live to study for school. So it.s a lose lose issue for me .

What it's like being unemployed

Well. to tell you the truth, it's like living in a world were you can't enjoy life with your family because while they are laughing and having fun ur mind on the inside, you areso worried how upi are going to get by and have the things you need. What about you're kids or kids you take care of?

How are they to have what they need for school or home or have enough to eat.

How am I going to get gas to look for work or go to the doctors? There are so many thing I can get in to on here but that's way to much to type.


  • Dtop letting jobs go overseas because the company can pay less cause they are greedy.
  • Simple as this and it is this simple people buy more product made in the US.
  • By us that means they will need more people to make the product and there will be jobs for those that want to work.

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