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Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By Virginia Ancrum

The job I lost

I have been unemployed since March, 2008.

I did what the Government wanted us to do - a career change so that after I finished school I could get a job a better job while on unemployment.

Well, that did not happen either! I had been a restaurant manager for 23 years. I just finished school for Medical Assistant in May. Now the flip side is that you have to have 6 months to a year's experience in the field in order to get your foot in the door.

Now I am stuck with no job or money to work with. I now have a student loan to pay back in a few months. If it does not get paid I am stuck again with no job and bad credit.

What it's like being unemployed

It makes makes you think of what world is really coming to when this great country we live in claims it's broke but finds and has money to help bail out other countries while its own is struggling.

I dont see anyone from other countries bailing us out. It is also sad when you turn on the news and see a senior citizen rob a bank!

All I can feel is ashamed for this so called great country we call America. The government and political leaders have sold us out and there are no Americans here.

Everyone that comes here is able to set up and build, but they give us real Amercians a hard time about everything - taxes, credit, and loans.


  • We need to stop being so liberal and tell everything that we are going to do on televisison.
  • We need to get ourselves back in order and focus on what this country really stands for - America, not all of these foreigners.
  • Let's put this country back!

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