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Severance Doesn't Last Long Under These Conditions

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By 2yearblues

The job I lost

I directed a program that gave research grants. Unfortunately, when the organization decided to re-locate, I was not invited to follow. They gave me some severance which I was grateful for but sadly money doesn't last too long under these conditions. While I understand this was a business decision, I was very hurt that I never received an official notification or was given a letter of recommendation. Silly me, I believe that almost two decades of loyalty and commitment deserved a better treatment. I don't think about that anymore. I concentrate my efforts in the next thing which I know will be great. I know it!

What it's like being unemployed

This has been a very humbling experience. I never imagined I would be out of a job this long. In my almost thirty years in the workforce, I collected unemployment only once for a month. Now it's been almost two years. Just like everyone else, I keep applying for jobs on a daily basis. Keep going to countless interviews and job fairs. By now, I'm sure I've exhausted all lines of communication with friends and peers about leads. People don't want to reach out cause they can't help you and they're also dealing with their own situations.

I'm tired of hearing that I'm overqualified for a position. Sick of employers telling me I have so much to offer BUT... Disgusted when employers don't even bother to let you know they decided on someone else and leave you hanging after 2nd, 3rd and 4th interviews. People, have a heart and at least acknowledge that someone took the time to consider working for you and let them know they're not a good fit for whatever reason! It's just good manners after all to respond to an inquiry. Why are potential employers so freaking rude? Can anyone give me a clue? What's so difficult about sending a generic e-mail to applicants and let them know the status of their application? I guess people don't think about this unless they are faced with employment themselves. Oh, something else that I'm tired of hearing is people who have jobs complaining about them. Obviously they don't know how fortunate they are. I've seen so many others losing everything and so willing to work any job to survive. Whoever has a job needs to be grateful those are really hard to come by. Ask any of us who have been unemployed and actively searching for a long time


  • Even though I have not been successful at landing a permanent position yet, I'm still hopeful. I have faith that God has saved something very special for me and I will get it when I need it the most. God in his infinite wisdom has always provided what I need and I know this time will be the same. So now instead of getting frustrated, I just keep telling myself, "it wasn't meant to be. Let it go. Something better will come along" Trust God. He will clear the path for you and all this nonsense will soon be a distant memory. Have faith!

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