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Second Layoff

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By jshfce

The job I lost

Wel, this is my second layoff with the same comapany, the but first time I was there 9 years and then went back and worked another 10 and now I'm laid-off off again. This economy is so bad the temp agencies don't even have work for anyone at all.

What it's like being unemployed

I have been out of work over a year now and my unemployment will be running out soon and how can you pay your bills when you have no income?

I pay for my own medical and that runs out the end of February and trying to find insurance on your own is very high cost. I

am one that calls to follow up with places I apply to and many times all I get is that we have alot of applications or we havent done anything about the opening as of yet.

Why don.t these companies start to look at what they need and hire us unemployed so that we can have a job and not be out of work? No wonder our unemployment rates are so high. No one will hire any of us no matter what and just sit on these things...


  • Keep on putting out resumes, search the internet for companies and jobss you apply to and call and follow up with them.
  • Be persistent till a person calls you back with the status of the job opening even if it means 5-6 messages left.

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