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School Psychologist Anxious for Work

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By Gary

The job I lost

School Psychologist in California--approximately ten years of experience as a testing psychologist, in K-12. Have worked in Juvenile Hall and Court & Community Schools, as well as regular school districts. Very motivated. I have great experience in writing and implementing IEP's, meeting with parents, teachers and administrators. Willing to relocate within the Western U.S., Alaska or Hawaii. Available immediately.

What it's like being unemployed

It has been extremely difficult, because I've been unemployed for a long time. I've run out of unemployment once for 4 months, and will probably soon run out again. I've been unable to pay bills, student loans, etc. and have had to obtain groceries from a food bank.

I would very much like to be working again. Once my unemployment benefits are exhausted completely, (in March, 2010, probably) I will have only a small amount of Social Security to live on. I was not eligible for COBRA help either, so have been paying a lot for COBRA. Any help would be appreciated. This situation has taken a toll on me and my family. We've been afraid of losing our home, if things don't improve. We live from week to week, hoping, praying for another extension of unemployment benefits.


  • I've learned to be very frugal, and to get over being too proud to ask for help. We've been growing a big garden, canning and freezing fruit, and renting out a room in our house to make ends meet. Some of the things I took for granted, or thought were important, I've learned to live without. We pray a lot and rely on moral support from friends and family to get us through. Don't be afraid to ask for or accept help. We've had to learn to live without credit cards--which we wish we'd done much sooner, because now we have a lot to pay back. My advise is, try to save even a little each month, & cut back if you can

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