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Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By Patricia Simpson

The job I lost

I worked for 31 yrs at a specialty hospital for hearts in Browns Mills NJ. They gave me the boot why I am not sure because I was not making that much. I just make it on unemployment. If 26 wks are all you are allowed then they should not be counted in the 99 wks.

I have been working since I was 16 and Im 61 now tell me I put my fair share in that pot. It was not my fault I lost my job and there is no work to be had. I never thought this was how my life would turn out. It makes me sad .

What it's like being unemployed

I am online EVERY day. People don't even acknowledge the fact you send and E-mail or resume. Just let a person know you got it. Tell me I'm over qualified (that is the main reason), My nose is too long, I'm too fat, etc. something! I'm old but they can't say that. Shame on them.... It is a never ending battle. Unemployment asked for 3 jobs a week. I am so tired of the words, "Not at this time" or NO respond at all


  • It seems those who have don't care, but they will when it is their turn
  • I'm ashamed to be a Republican and that will change come election time.
  • You need to make the best with what you have. I feel real bad for those with children to take care of.
  • Say your prayers every night, even if you are not a religious person God will still listen. I figure if bad things start happening to the Republicans than God is answering MY prayers.

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