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No Life Without Money, No Money Without a Job

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By Dreamer

The job I lost

The full-time job I lost was back in March of 2008. Ever since I was wrongly fired from that job, I have been unable to get another full-time job. The most I have made per month since then has been around $900 dollars. I applied, called, went in to speak to Managers and no good results. I refused to sell drugs or my body for money. This forced me to file bankruptcy. But we all know your student loans are still hanging over your head even after bankruptcy.

This month it will be four years since I have had full-time employment and since I have been able to take care of myself and help others too.

What it's like being unemployed

It's extremely frustrating and depressing. I am smart and a hard-worker. Those who have never struggled financially always think unemployed people are lazy and do not want to work. This is very untrue for most of us.

I truly believe this is intentional to keep a certain number of people out of work! If we are kept out of work too long, we cannot have our own place, buy food, keep our cars running, pay bills, help others. There's so much that requires money and if you don't have much or any, you are locked-out. Then we basically have not much of a choice but to run to the government for food, shelter and money. It's ridiculous! As for me, I am getting no help from the government.

I would love to have my own business, but what does that take? Money.

It's just hard not being able to take care of myself and unable to have my own place. It's like slavery. And it's too much for me to type here. I deserve better.


  • Some things I have learned from being unemployed is preparation. When I was making full-time income, I should have been saving more instead of spending more. I leased a used car, co-signed for someone I thought was my friend, and was paying minimum payments on credit cards.
  • Another thing I want to point out to those who are unemployed is be very careful about who you trust! There are so many scams in place to trick you so they will make money! For example, secret shopping scams.
  • If you are close to someone who owns a business, get in contact with them and ask if they have anything for you.

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