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My Job Was Phased Out

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By Judy

The job I lost

My job was phased out. However, I was smart enough to have savings and also pay my heath insurance. Over 1/2 the people out there who are unemployed are because they are too good to take just any job and give up their benefits. Also, probably 1/3 are making money under the table or have 401's and savings. There are jobs out there but they are too good to work at them or they are "beneath" their standards. This bill will again escalate our drowning economy so I am very opposed to it unless they are required to use up their existing funds, apply for at least 2 jobs a week and report under the table earnings.

What it's like being unemployed

Not bad at all if you have ever been poor and planned ahead... I found a job to add to my severance pay and am doing fine. I didn't find one making what I did before but money is money and I didn't want to be on government money if at all possible. It may not be the exact job to fit your "degree" but if it pays the bills, then that's really a good example of how we have to teach about 1/2 of those unemployed that they can't do this every couple years. I know people who are working on the side and making money but aren't looking for jobs or willing to give up the benefits so if you extend them 3 years, they would collect anyway. At least 1/2 I feel so sorry for though... This bill needs more consideration to get these off our deficit and to give them some incentive to work before it is passed.


  • That there is a job for everyone if they are willing to get off government funds and get a job... We always complain and feel sorry for ourselves and talk about the government when they are our livelihood and I think a year to find a job is really enough for the average person. I do feel badly for those who are really out of work and cannot find a job or can't do certain jobs. It's those I would love to see this bill help but not those who have 2 cars, a mortgage they over-extended themselves on, or 401's sitting while letting the taxpayers pay. I was lucky not to have to go that route and I am proud to say so.

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