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Lost My Job After Telling HR I Needed Surgery

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By Just a@@ out!

The job I lost

I lost my job due to the fact that I reported to the HR department and gave documentation that I was due to have major surgery two weeks later. I was hospitalized for two days,came back to work the day after my release with documentation, and was let go the same day. I didn't have the surgery until 4 months later of which my system had begun to to poisoned by fluids. Thank God everything turned out fine. I received unemployment but it has run out since Dec. 2010. I also lost my only 18 year old child due to heart failure after a basketball tournament on Aug 2, 2010 and had no insurance to put him away.Just tired!

What it's like being unemployed

No company can legally fire you for being ill as long as it was documented by a doctor and the company was informed. Unfortunately they do. They do not want to pay short or long term disability therefore, they fire you. I have suffered financially since then and that was two years ago. All I had went towards my son's funeral and now Im 4 months behind on my rent because I have NO INCOME and cannot find a job. My 73 yr old mother became ill and I'm taking care of her the best I can.I send out 20-30 resumes a day and only interviewed 3 times and still nothing. These temp agencies are full of it. They just want to recruit,with a promise to find us a job but never do. I'm grieving, tired, frustrated, and about to lose everything. I don't know what I'm going to do if something doesn't fall NOW! I have lost my car due to not being able to pay, so now Im having a harder time finding a job within public transportation. I have a 7 month old granddaughter who was born 4 months after my son dropped dead, and im trying to help support her. Government agencies won't help because they say that you have to have an income to receive assistance.Well, government officials, if we had income we wouldn't need HELP! I see thousands of jobs I qualify for on line, but these companies pay to post the jobs and no one gets hired.I have many friends and relatives out of work and nothing has worked for them either.This country is going down the drain if someone doesn't do something NOW! Families are going to be living on the streets with children and elderly.I cant even get a medical card because I have no dependents.At least they consider me not to have any even though my mother,daughter-in-law and grandchild all live with me.Seems like the only people living stress free are the criminals.At least if they get caught selling drugs they are still ensured three squares and a cot.Heres the catcher,if I find a job,my taxes will go to support these people in jail.WHAT A F-IN JOKE! It has never taken me this long to find a job.I haven't even found a temp job.I'll even work at McDonalds but they wont hire me because they say im over-qualified.I have over ten years of experience in accounts receivable,billing,b to b collections,and tons of software experience.If im not employable, who the heck is? My father was a police officer, and he always told my mother, if he goes before her and the kids are hungry and you need food, go to the grocery,sit down feed the kids in the store & walk out.You didn't steal!


  • I have learned that the politicians really don't give a care about the people.We have to start creating our own wealth, and not depending on a degree (a piece of paper?) or these companies to be faithful to us as we are to them. The only assurance is God. I know right now I'm only surviving because of Faith, patience, and hope that God will continue to provide food and shelter for my family. I was a single mother, and now a grandmother, and if things dont change quickly in this country we are not going to make it. People are getting desperate.Im desperate, and there is no help in sight. WE NEED HELP NOW NOT A PROMISE!

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