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Less of a Person

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By David

The job I lost

I was laid off from a furniture company in September of 2005 due to their outsourcing most of their jobs to Mexico (or was it China?). I was a stock handler, material handler, forklift driver, and basically trained in any department in which I was needed.

From September of 2005 to June of 2006, I took temp jobs with various companies (forklift, material handler, general labor etc.) Then I took corning jobs from June 2006 to June 2008. I helped in the making of Fiber Optic Cables.

I was laid off in June 2008 with no reason being listed. A couple of months later the factory I worked in closed and jobs were outsourced to China.

I am experienced in computer, graphic design too and am willing to do anything for a job.

What it's like being unemployed

Being unemployed makes you feel unwanted at first, then as time passes it makes you feel less than that because you can't support yourself or your family. You cannot get your kids the things they need like back to school clothes, shoes, or even paper for school. And you definitely cant get them what they want.

You feel like less of a person because you imagine how the kids and your wife look at you, and then you feel guilty even though in your heart you know you did nothing to be put in this position. Yet there you are, and then depression is hard to stave off.

I look for work every day, for hours sometimes. My wife helps me look while she looks for herself, too.

I see my high school aged step-kids getting jobs at McDonalds and know I applied there, too. I see my wife with her degree in Psychology looking for work as a waitress and being turned down for being over-qualified.

In less then 2 weeks my unemployment benefits will run out. Congress is going to refuse to extend benefits to people like myself without looking into the eyes of all the people who will end up homeless due to their callous decision to label people like myself and unworthy of benefits. They do this knowing there is no job growth, manufacturing jobs have left our country, and no new companies have been brought to fill all the empty warehouses and factories. They do this as they continue to bail out Wall Street and other companies, some of which are responsible for job loss through outsourcing.

My story is not uncommon. It is the same story being played out in some way by 18% of other people in my county.


  • It is important to remember who you are and hold onto that.li>
  • Look for a job every day, even if you think it's hopeless - it'll make you feel better being out there looking.
  • Follow up with every company more than once.
  • Apply at temp agencies and remember to tell them there is no job you wont take.
  • Remember, you didn't make yourself unemployed.
  • Remember to vote in November and make your voice heard. Let your senator and congressman know it is time for them to be unemployed.
  • Ask a friend about jobs - many times networking with friends, you find they know someone who knows someone who is hiring.

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