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Injured on the Job and Then Fired

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By sanch1989

The job I lost

I was working for this company and I did my best at the job. One day I slipped and hurt my back although that pain went away in minutes so I kept working. I came back the next day to my shift and after working 30min. I couldn't take the pain so I notified my supervisor and told him about the accident the day before so I went to the doctors discovered I had a disc dislocated and a hernia on the same area so the doctor laid me off. I notified my employee and they told me not to report back to work till dismissed so I did as they told me. Ten days later I report to work they told me I got fired because I didn't report every 3 days.

What it's like being unemployed

Being unemployed was not in my plans. I'm 25 yrs old and struggling because I can't work. Sometimes I barely have enough money to pay my rent and I have a 8 month old baby that I can't even carry him that much because of my pain. I can't even be standing up for more than 30min cause of the pain. I can't buy my child any toys because during the month I have to gather what I can to pay rent. I don't receive any unemployment benefits because according to them I quit the job.


  • I have learned that all employees only look out for their own.

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