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What NOT to Say to the Unemployed

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By Rebecca

The job I lost

I was working for an airline that was shut down -- wrongfully it turned out -- by the FAA.

What it's like being unemployed

Being unemployed is depressing. You apply and apply for jobs and don't even get the form letter telling you that you suck. You hear nothing.

Family/Friends: this wonderful group is split into two divided camps. The good side is supportive and loving. The not so good side is judgmental and always mentions where jobs are. (They think they are helping with the job info, but it's condescending).

Questions like, "Have you applied here? Have you applied there?", and when you answer yes, they act like they don't believe you or that there is something wrong with you.

Then comes the 'Why don't you go back to school?' questions. Well, since no one is hiring in any field right now -- regardless of what you hear on the news -- what would going back to school and racking up more debt get me? Not to mention, my credit is now bad because I can't afford to pay, and this stops me from getting jobs (because of poor credit). Of course, I could pay, if only I had a job. It's a lovely vicious cycle.

I don't know what the answer is or whose fault it is. But I do believe that it isn't my fault. I was good at my job. I loved my job. I would love to have any job right now. I have an Associate Degree in Office Administration and I have 15 years active duty/reservist military experience. I work everyday to keep up my skills so that I don't lose them. I have updated my resume so many times that it's a blur sometimes.

I have had a job since I was 14 years old, until I was 35. I served my country and I got an education, both through school and life. I helped take care of my daddy when he was dying. I've done everything that I thought you supposed to do in this life -- and yet now, I am living off my mom. My unemployment has run out and I can't even get a job at the local gas station.


  • Don't give up.
  • Regardless how depressing it is, keep applying.
  • Find something to do with your spare time, even if it's stupid -- something for yourself. Even unemployed people are allowed to have fun and enjoy themselves every once in awhile.

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