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I'm a 58 Year Old Veteran

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By Bernard Craig

The job I lost

Sign Builders was a place that produce signs for places that needed them, soon the places that needed signs were going out of business.

What it's like being unemployed

I'm 58 years of age a army veteran putting in applications over and over again I'm 58 years old I think the people are hiring younger workers because they don't want risk hiring older workers because of long standing with the company this is something we have no control over. I would like to go into commercial and residential real estate if I can in what ever way I can with some help from the government.


  • I'm a veteran you should have programs for older vets because we are older I would like to start my own business in real estate like houses, flipping them, old houses buying them from the government making them livable for people and selling them at a price they can afford if the government can help me acquire, get a grant to fix up these houses and sell them.Try to start your own business get a grant.

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