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I'm Unemployed Again

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By Patsy

I'm Unemployed Again

The job I lost

I worked for Esquire Deposition Services, I was a billing coordinator. I didn't mind going to work, in fact some days I looked forward to it. It was not a very high paying job but I got my raises every year, I worked with good people and I liked what I did.

I moved to Texas to help the company out by filling a position that they had trouble filling. Four months after I moved here the company got bought out. They kept telling us they weren't going to lay off anyone but there I was; no job no family no more income. My operations manager begged the new company to transfer me back to Florida but the answer was no.

What it's like being unemployed

I have been looking for work and cant find any. It has been very hard because the state (Texas) I live in don't offer any help unless you have children, is disabled or 65 or older. I found a job at Wal-Mart last year it was part time not what I was looking for and was out of my pay range, but I figured it was a job so I took it.

I learned very quickly that unless you let them do what they wanted to you that you were not welcome there. Their employees are just a numbers not a person. And if you tried to defend yourself against them you got fired. And so now I am unemployed again.

In all of my life I have never had a problem finding a job. It use to be I could apply for three jobs and I could guarantee that out of those three I would get one. I have put in over three hundred applications since 2008 and the only job I got was the one at Wal-Mart, and that isn't an accomplishment because anyone with a pulse and blood running through their veins could get a job there.

They keep saying things are getting better but I don't see it at least not here in Texas. But when you have people willing to work for three dollars less than the job requires what are you going to do? How could you compete with that?

People are still losing their job because these big corporations are up rutting their business to move them down south because you have the Hispanics that are willing to work for little or noting. I am not a racist but what I am saying is the truth. (Example) I went to an interview about three weeks ago for a job at a company who was laying off their whole mail room crew and hiring a new company to come in and run it because it would be cheaper than paying their loyal hard working employees who have given them years of service. No one cares about their employees anymore all these companies see is $$$$.

I wonder when are they going to figure out what the working class already know, take care of your people and they will take of you. When you have happy employees you have happy customers and they will bring you more customers and so on and so forth. That is how business were built and prospered, because they took care of their people. Or maybe they don't teach that is business school 101 anymore. Maybe they just teach get your money man...


  • The government need to step in and change the fire at will law, and set some new laws that employers can't fire people and bring in other people because it will bring them more revenue.
  • Greed is what got us where we are and it is continuing because we put antibiotic and a bandage on the wound and hope it don't get infected and spread. Well in case no one had noticed the infection has spread and is now out of control. Some one need to step in and quarantine the situation until it is under control so to speak.


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