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I'm Over 50 With No College Degree

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By Anne

The job I lost

I worked in a bank for over 7 years (AP mostly.) I was let go in May 2009 due to "restructuring" along with many others. I worked for over 30 yrs. & I'm over 50 with no college degree. Because of this, I always worked harder than my younger co-workers & made over $20 hr.

In 2008 I had to show mgrs. my duties which were slowly taken away & given to 5 others. I knew they were going to get rid of me. I bit my tongue & went along with it because I needed my job. What hurts is that they think I was that stupid & didn't know what they were doing.

It's funny & strange that it takes 5 people to do what I was doing.

What it's like being unemployed

I've never had this happen & it's strange. I knew right away I wouldn't make the money I was making before, but what I really don't get is the fact that an employer wants a bachelors degree & pays only $10 hr. for things I was doing 10-15 yrs. ago. I started as a teller (8 yrs.) & now could not get a position as one (I've applied.)

The positions are either PT or you have to be bi-lingual. I've also applied to jobs in other fields which of course you don't get called for. I can't believe the tests they make you take. I don't think some of the jobs listed on jobsites are really open. I applied to one last year, see the same one last week, apply & after I submit, it says I've already applied to this position. It's happened more than once to different companies. It's hard to do your day to day activities when you're worried if you will have a place to live next month. When I apply for jobs, I don't give my real previous salary & I started leaving off my titles on my resume because I wasn't getting any responses. I don't enjoy anything anymore. I sit sometimes for 6 hrs. looking for jobs. It's very depressing. I can't sleep sometimes, worrying will I lose my apt., my pets? (I can't lose them.) I have no "blood" family & wonder where will I end up? I stopped shopping at Jewel. I go to Aldi & Walmart. Going to the movies, shopping for clothes & getting a pizza have stopped. Haven't been on a vacation in years. Savings is practically gone. I have a 6 yr. old car, medical bills, & my COBRA ins. will be gone this yr. because I will not be able to pay the whole thing myself. But our elected officials got their big paychecks, mansions, SUVs, boats etc.


  • Have support from your family & friends.

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