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I'm 60 and Have Never Lost a Job Before This

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By Peggy Vietmeier

The job I lost

I lost my job due to the weak economy and nothing I did personally. I have worked since I was 14 and I am now 60. I have never lost a job before this. I have paid taxes and been a productive person in this society for over 40 years.

As many my age, we carefully planned for our retirement while saving in our 401K plans (although it did not become available until the mid 80's) and determining when our house would be paid for.

Even as carefully as you planned, you never planned on being unemployed since you were very capable and dedicated to do the best job possible.

What it's like being unemployed

It has been very disappointing experience being unemployed. When I lost my job, I never thought it would be difficult to get another job given all the experience I have. Even though I apply for available positions every week, the interviews are few and far between.

When you get past the phone interview to the in person interview, you are competing against hundreds of people vying for the same job. I have found that age is definitely a disadvantage. Many employers are hiring the younger people because they do not want to pay for experience.

I have found that even with unemployment it is not enough to cover the expenses and the money I saved for retirement is being spent just to get me to age 62 when I will be eligible for a very reduced amount of benefits by drawing at 62.

When will the government and employer recognize that older people have a lot to offer and that we need help with extended benefits in order to not be totally dependent on the government for survival by losing everything we worked for over our careers.


  • I have learned that even though you have a lot of experience to offer an employer, they do not value it. This is an employer market and they know it.
  • We are living in a time when the economy is terrible. We bail out banks, auto companies, and Wall Street, but we don't help the unemployed who need the most help because they did nothing to create this disaster.

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