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I'm 50 and I Can't Get a Job

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By sylvia

The job I lost

I've been out of work for 2 years, I'm 50 and can't get a job. I had to go back to school hoping I could get back in the work field since I'm limited to a office related field now due to a knee injury from my last job.

What it's like being unemployed

My age, limitations and having to retrain for a different job has been more that frustrating because I've always worked at least two jobs to support my family.

Since this situation with the unemployment, I've had to move, asking for help from family that really isn't able, and no programs that can help if you don't have kids or senior.

I've put for hundreds of jobs, the majority was below what I need to maintain daily living. I'm not looking for charity but for help to just exist. You work, for what, so that when you need help and there are so many doors that shut in your face what is nexted.

The fact is that if you don't have children or your not a senior your really non existing. Your just thrown out there.


  • There are those who just want a job to be able to dictate how they want to live with out having to go report to someone eles for assistance.

    Just to be able to pay your own bills even if you are just living from pay check to pay check. Your not having someone tell you when to report it or decide if your going to get a check.

    Then have those who have a job make judgemental comments about getting a job or stop sitting on the couch. If you have not been in our situation how can you understand what you haven't experienced. Be thankful that you still have that job, because you could be me.

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