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I Wish I Had a Job

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By John Isais

The job I lost

I worked as a Senior Designer from Jan. of 1994 until Dec. 2008 when I was laidoff.

Prior to that I worked as a design drafter at Honeywell for 15 years beginning in 1979. I have 30 years of experience and remain unemployed for over a year.

What it's like being unemployed


I'm thankful for unemployment benefits and subsidized Cobra Insurance but I'm near the end of the benefits and worried about the future. I only manage to stay afloat because of the benefits, my girlfriend and my savings. When benefits end I need to have a job or I'll be desparate to try to save my home.

I don't spend extravagantly, I drive a 15 year old truck and don't have any credit card debt. It's hard to not worry. I have a son - 14, straight A's in school. College? I hope he gets scholarships because I'm spending what I saved for his college to pay bills.

I'm sinking and could sure use some good news. I like to work and have been since I was 10 - paperboy. I worked through High School at a factory, after that, 3 years on the railroad then 30 years as a design drafter. I'm a hard worker, I don't drink or smoke. I'm Proud of my work history and just wish I could get a job. All I hope is that things will get better and

I can get back on track. I do a lot of job searching. It's very frustrating to fill out profiles, attach resume, send and then never hear whether any of it was considered. Many times I don't even get an acknowledgement. I'm sure that there are people in much worse situations than I am, I feel sorry for them.

If I lose everything I will know that I did as much as I could and will just have to accept it.

It's a sad time.


  • Seek out any resources that may be able to provide assistance with paying bills, medical expenses, training etc.
  • The Workforce Centers have money available for training dislocated workers.
  • Take care of your health
  • Network
  • Pray

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