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I Was a Paralegal

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The job I lost

I was a paralegal for 9 yrs and lost my job in May. I have done everything humanly possible to get another job. I have been registered with 6 employment agencies (checking in with them weekly), gone on-line everyday, been to several job fairs, redone my resume, sent resumes to countless law firms & continue to network wherever possible.

Though the monies given by unemployment in no way come close to what I was earning, it certainly helps to make ends meet. The thought that my life can be so affected by a bunch of politicians who have never had to worry about their next paycheck is simply staggering and scary.

What it's like being unemployed

It has been the most frustrating experience of my life. This was a career change for me after spending 15 yrs in the postal service. Since this career change, I have been one of those lucky few people who have looked forward to work. I have loved being a paralegal. Since my unemployed status (9 months) I have only had a handful of interviews. It seems that firms are letting people go and simply not replacing them. Thinking about the future is extremely scary. I am 48yrs old and in between the positive energy I try to exhude, thoughts of negativity creep in, worrying if I will ever work in the field I've so enjoyed.


  • Scandanavian countries take care of their people better than the USA!! (learned it from Oprah)


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