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By Joely

The job I lost

I was working as a Marketing Coordinator and was laid off due to the sluggish economy along with the HR Manager, Sales Manager, General Manager and three sales team personnel. After about 3 months of being out of work, I was basically replaced by a girl that was not only doing my job, but was also acting as the HR person, and accounts payable person for the company making one salary less then ours combined.

I would have taken a pay cut, but instead had to pay for Cobra benefits out of pocket and now I'll be left with no income at all. I will look to cash in some retirement accounts now that I have no income.

What it's like being unemployed

Being unemployed is a tremendous pain in the neck. Although I have plenty of time on my hands, I sit and apply for jobs that I never get a call for an interview nor do I even get a response at all. If I had some money, at least I can make better use of my time. I'm looking at volunteering soon, hopefully I can network there and meet others and build a support network.

It's even difficult to volunteer in some places though because of liability reasons.


  • The government could buy houses for unemployed people to remodel and then market and sell and then everyone gets a share of the profit, if there is one. Other wise, we just rehabilitate run down houses but feel like we are working because it gives us somethign constructive to do every day.

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