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I Lost My Job, My Home, and My Car

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By John

The job I lost

I lost my job in December of 2007. I already lost my home and my car. I have a wife and 2 kids to support. The only thing that was keeping food on the table was unemployment funds we were receiving. I paid into the unemployment fund for over 20 years. I have been looking for a job and there are simply none to be had.

I have sent out over 1000 resumes and went on many interviews but there are simply thousands of people competing for a few jobs. Congress isnt even addressing a tier 5 extension. How am I supposed to feed my family? We can rebuild Iraq, we can bail out the big banks, we can bail out auto makers,

What it's like being unemployed

we give free healthcare to immigrants that do not work and go on welfare. What is wrong with this county? What about taking care of Americans that have worked all of their lives and need help now. I listen to Republicans and Democrats and their petty politics and holding up votes for their own party interests while millions of families are on the brink of starving. Is this America? Is this American? What about putting Democrat/Republican aside and worry about America and Americans? Why can't these people running our county stop being right or left and start thinking logically and what is best. It is then and only then we will have one united county, America.


  • Where are all of the jobs that were promised? The stock market keeps going up so who is benefiting? Not the people with no money and no jobs, the people that have money and have bought stock and low prices and continue to buy stock at low prices, THE WEALTHY. If this is America then I am ashamed to be American. For the Senate to turn their back on millions of Americans in need of Tier 5 benefits so they can bicker over petty differences is unamerican. Republicans want a way to pay back the unemployment funds and blame Democrats for spending irradically? Wasnt it the republicans that bailed out the banks and

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