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I Feel Like a Loser

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By cconnelly

The job I lost

I was a contract supervisor at General Motors for 8 years. I was laid off 8/1/2008. I loved my job, I loved going to work interacting with people, working lots of overtime. General Motors was forced to downsize because of slow sales so therfore there were many cuts of the workforce. The contract workers were the first to go!

What it's like being unemployed

What's it like to be unemployed? It's devestating! I have never been without a job! I feel like a loser! I lost everything! I had to give up my apartment in Michigan and move to Kentucky with my stepbrother and his family for 3 months.

Then I moved back to Michigan to stay with a friend of mine for 4 months, then moved to North Carolina for six months with my sister! I had to keep moving around so that I did not over stay the welcome! It is very hard to live out of bags of clothes and the trunk of my car! No where to say home! I had to file for chapter 13 bankruptcy but was discharged because I could not make the payments, so now my car is up for reposession! I have to continue to move around in order to avoid the repo man! I receive extended benefits, but it is hardly enough to get back on my feet because I still have to pay someone to let me stay with them! I barely have enough food to last for the month! I don't even remember what it is like to go to a restaraunt anymore! My grandson is 4 yrs old and when I talk to him he always ask me "Granny where is your house at?" I start to cry because I have to tell him that I don't have a home anymore! That is the most horrible feeling in the world when you don't have a home for your grandchild to come to spend time with you.

I feel like I let my family down! I have always taken care of my family! I can't even afford to take my grandson to McDonalds for a happy meal! I now have to go to churches for bags of food to supplement what I can not afford at the market. I've even began shopping at the Salvation Army and the GoodWill Stores for clothes. I have not been out to the movies or any kind of entertainment in 2 years. I look back at all the fun things that I used to do like shopping, eating out 3 to 4 days a week, traveling, spending time with my grandson and helping to take care of my family financially. I can no longer do any of those things anymore, it totaly sucks! WHY DID ANY OF THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME! I FEEL LIKE A COMPLETE LOSER! ALL THAT I WANT IS TO HAVE MY JOB BACK! I am very humble now and appreciate everything in life and do not take anything for granted anymore! I always believed that I would always have a job, home, car, and my family, but I do not, I have lost everything because of being unemployed!


  • My advice to the people that still have jobs, thank God, you are the lucky ones! Do not take it for granted! Work hard and pray everday that you do not lose your job because that will not be all that you will lose! Save as much money that you can just in case you become unemployed! It is very hard, stressful, scary, and lonely! I look every day for a job! I know that I will never make the kind of money that I used to make, but I can't even get a entry level job, because it seems that the potential employers are looking at what I used to make and saying that I am overqualified or will not accept what they are offering.

Crystal Connelly



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