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I Can't Even Get an $8/Hour Production Job

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By Thomas195

The job I lost

In 06, I changed jobs. The offer included full training: additional Robot Programming in addition to my existing experience, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Programming, Operator Interface integration and programming (for PLCs), and electrical panel laying, assembly, and wiring training.

Except for the first, all of those would be completely new to me. None of the training was ever provided. Suddenly, I was expected to design machinery from scratch (electrical) when I had zero experience or training. After asking about the training a few times over 2 years, I was laid off because of lack of experience.

What it's like being unemployed

I used to be a "Robot Programmer" making $65,000 to $75,000 per year. Now, I can't find anything Robotic because my experience was in only one area. And I'm not an engineer or designer, more of "JUST" a programmer and setup person.

I can't even get an $8 production job because I have to write "Robot Programmer" for my past positions. The people say I'm overqualified or else that I'm not qualified at all when I try to apply for a maintenance or production technician position. It's not good now. I've cashed in all of my stocks, my 401K, and now my savings are almost gone. I've had ZERO interviews in the last 18 months. My unemployment ends this week.


  • Don't go to work for someone you've known for 10 years based on their "word".
  • If possible, stay away from the small "Mom & Pop" operations. They don't follow the employment laws.

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