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I Am Scared

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By Gloria

I Am Scared

My kids

The job I lost

I just want them to know that I am scared. A grown woman. With a family. God- fearing. American woman. I am not afraid of terrorists. I am not afraid of a fight. I am not afraid, of death. I am afraid that I will lose everything. I am afraid that my children will have to suffer. My husband cannot find work. I can not find work. We have gone back to school to better ourselves thinking that maybe we are the problem. I have struggled my entire life. I finally feel security and within moments it is snatched from me. The working poor. I have no savings, I have nothing. I am a 99er and I am scared.

What it's like being unemployed

It is a living hell. Plastering a phony smile on my face, with my hand out basically. I am a damn good worker! And I feel like trash. I feel like a leach. I feel like I am worthless. I pray that I will wake up everyday and the job s I applied to will call me and say hey come on in! Or you ve been hired. Thats ALL I WANT IS A JOB paying at LEAST 10.00 an hour. I think that is very lenient. Given my abilities. VERY LENIENT not being a fricking 16 year old. VERY VERY LENIENT being that I am an adult with a family and taxes and bills to pay through no fault of my own. I just. I could cry. I am depressed. I can't play with my kids. They are the ones who really suffer. I have brought them into a world where there is nothing but pain and dissappointment everywhere. I resent living this way. You work hard you are supposed to be rewarded! I on the other hand work hard and I am punished. What the hell is that?! I just don't understand. I am and always will be a slave. What is the use of fighting. The reasons and powers I would fight, feel nothing anyway. I just make myself weary. YOU WIN. I am throwing up my hands. YOU WIN.


  • I have none. What can possibly be said besides this is a disaster. Fix it. Thanks alot Bush Administration. Your special interests really looked out for me. Wish I manufactured war missles or something.

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