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I Am 60 Years Old - Who is Going to Hire Me?

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By kathie

The job I lost

I worked in retail, business got slow and there when my job. My husband was in automotive supply.

What it's like being unemployed

My husband lost his job 2 years ago (Automotive supplier) People write saying that they are so young just out of school, can't get hired, I feel sorry for them.

What about people like me where their work live is ending and we have to live off the savings we thought we would have for our golden years. I am 60 years old... who is going to hire me? My husband still is not working and we are trying everywhere. Even trying just for seasonal work. My unemployment 26 weeks is up this week... now what? Not a clue.


  • Try try again. what else is there. The government thinks things are getting better. I wish I felt the same way.
  • Keep your chin up and walk with pride.

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