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Homeless is Next

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By tweety63

The job I lost

I moved from Minn 2008, Sold home and everything I had. Leased place in Marrionville, Mo. Got sent to Vinita, Ok to work. Once I was to move back to Marrionville, Mo "Boss stated, if I didn't take Vinits, Ok Store, I was gone". Problem was I couldn't get out of my lease.

SO I lost my job which I had for 6 years.. Problem is, new to the state, have great letters from past Retail Management Jobs "15 years experince" and can't get an interview in MO to save my life, it's to the point where "homeless" is next.

What it's like being unemployed

It's scary, little food, no a AC "and it's hot down here" have everything unplugged, so not to have electricty bill.

I walked into 29 comapnies, left app, resume, cover letter, not one interview..

Doesn't anyone posting Now Hiring, Hire?


  • Compaines that are hiring online, do both - apply online and in person, don't forget the next 48 phone call.

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