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Finding a Job and Escaping a Criminal Record: Ex-Felon, Unemployed, and Hurting

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By Scott

The job I lost

I was an over-the-road truck driver from November '08 until Novemeber '09, and I lost my job because I got my truck stuck in mud and it cost $6,000 to get it out. I loved my job.

I am also an ex-felon. It's been over 18 years since I pled guilty to my crime. I was only 18, young, and made some mistakes. But this country don't care that I haven't committed a crime since then, nor does this country care that I am now married with four kids and have changed my life around. All they care about is that when it comes to a job, most places won't hire an ex-felon no matter how long its been. It's because of this that most felons end up back in jail.

What it's like being unemployed

I have applied and dozens and dozens of companies that fit my experience, but with no luck when they see my past record from over eighteen years ago. It's hard trying to provide for a family of six, knowing that I can't get a job and that the government is keeping me from my unemployment.

My lights and gas are always in disconnect status, so I have to add that to my worries and stress. I can't afford fuel for my van, let alone insurance so that I can drive legally.

For those out there who think that the unemployed are doing this on purpose just to sit back and relax, then you should take a closer look. I would love to get back to work, knowing that I will have a steady paycheck without having to worry if the governments going to pay me.


  • I've learned that this situation sucks, so if you have a job, do your best to hold on to it!


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