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Desperately Looking for Work

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By Annie

The job I lost

Kenosha, WI 35 year old w/ 3 children, 2,7,8, 7 year old has CP along with shunt. I was laid off 7/08 and desperately looking since. I have worked since I was 14 years old and never had such a employment shock as I am currently having. It was always easy to find work, I worked consistency through my lifetime. I'm in complete disbelief that I can't find work. I am really starting to think that employers are just posting positions but not really hiring. I have my undergraduate degree and currently in school for my graduate degree. I have 15 years of professional experience.

What it's like being unemployed

Unfortunately it seems to me, that even though I am willing to work for FAR less that what I am worth, no one wants to hire me. I'm talking, my last position I was making 18 an hour (without a degree) and with my degree I am willing to work for 12, 11 what ever. But it seems that the people coming out of jail, or teenagers are able to get hired, but not me.

My life is in depression and i haven't received any unemployment since late August. I'm loosing my home, my electric is going to be turned off tomorrow (they came but yesterday), my back up freezer in the basement is now empty (has been full since I owned the house 5 years), I am buying jello because it's cheap... life is getting hard and I am worried, depressed, but need to put on a face for my children


  • I read through some of the posts and if anyone could share with me how to hold on... I would greatly appreciate it.

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