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Denied Unemployment, Denied Welfare, Ruined My Life

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By J K Walden

Denied Unemployment, Denied Welfare, Ruined My Life

The job I lost

Well, I was working at a print shop performing shipping functions. I ended up getting a frozen shoulder and I am a 56 years female. I had no medical so no medical help with my injury.

I moved out of State and came back. I have been unemployed for 21 months. I was denied unemployement. I was denied welfare. I am glad I got denied welfare (I have enough stress without being policed by jerks). My family has been generous. But I am not enjoying life. I kick myself for leaving CA. I ruined my life basically.

What it's like being unemployed

I have been unemployed for 21 months. I was denied umemployement. I was denied welfare. I am not enjoying life. My teeth are breaking and need to be cleaned. My glasses need a new prescription. I have no social life, no friends here in a town I never wanted to be in. I never went to college and in two months I will turn 57 years old.

I have applied at so many places and I have had 4 interviews. I have not been offered a job to this day. Most of the time I have to test in Math. I have 20 plus years experience in Warehousing and Inventory. All you need to do as far as math is count. But I sometimes get tested for math that is beyond my abilities. Math that you do not need to know to count and move material. So I get denied to complete the application process.

I also see in many postings that they want you to be bilingual (which means Spanish). This gets me so mad. I am not trying to get a job in Mexico. I am in CA, USA.

Then there are the Temp Agency's. I have always hated them. They see you as a "work order" not a human with needs. They are nothing more than a well dressed preppy Pimp. They have more papers for you to fill out then they did 10 years ago and back then it was too much. They get some kind of kick back or tax break, so they have forms about welfare questions and race questions and probably how many do they employ is the reward for them. I had this one job through an Temp A., and I wanted out of the assignment cause they was making you work 21 hours straight and they liked to use scare tactics, I told my recruit and she did nothing for me. I finally left they assignment and never got any more help from that Agency. They help companies break employment laws. I hate Agency's.

My life is ruined and I feel that when I do finally find a job it will not allow me to pay for my own living space. I still will not have medical/dental. I look at the future and seen nothing but hardship and no retirement.

The government and big business is so focused on global and greed that they now have created a mess in the USA. They would rather send manufacturing to other countries and also bring other countries citizens here in the US to employ instead of hiring a USA citizen.


  • Unless you want to be a Doctor or Scientist, go to a trade school and learn a trade. Learn how to build, repair, fix. Since we no longer require immigrants to learn English then you need to learn Spanish.
  • But I say we Americans need to start fighting to preserve that American Dream our parents had. We need to once again demand others to learn English, to speak it while on the job. We should fight to weaken the Temp Agency's. Why do you want to be treated like a "work order"?

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