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Almost Homeless

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By Matt

The job I lost

I was working in Deland Fl, and was let go without notice when I went in to work my SSN# login was no longer avalible so I told this to my HR Manager and she had me to write down my time and she would have it fixed by the end of the day. But when I went in at the end of the week, one manager told me I no longer worked there, this was back in 2008 December, and sense that time I have been unemployed and tried to get the unemployment and was told I quit! which I did not. was makeing 10 dollars an hour about 38 hours a week why would I quit that job? ever sense that time I have been looking for work.

What it's like being unemployed

Well I have a older car almost 20 years old its 17, as you know I need my car to look for work, but doing so I have been adding mileage to the car and now the car has broken down needing a transmission now, I can not afford to have the car fixed, so now I can not look for work, plus I am broke next to homeless, had to move in with my parents, as well they are hit by the bad economy as well, and my mother has medical problems and needint help but can not afford it at times they cant afford enough food to feed the family. my dad has had the phone cut off a few times and the power was cut as well, I have been depressed and down not having work,

in all its the crapper not having work, even if i did find work, I dont have the means to go, I also need eye glasses and can't afford them, so im living as a homeless person with my parents getting what they can provide.


  • The only advice I would have taken is I should have moved to another country when I had the money to do so, when Bush was in office, is when I should have moved.

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