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Age 52 On Unemployment For First Time

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By Pat

Age 52 On Unemployment For First Time

They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength

The job I lost

I was employed in a reputable local daycare business. I have worked with children professionally for 26 years. When the Early Learning Initiative programs got cut because of lack of funding, our Executive Director decided to ax all of the older employees in his business. At the age of 52 I found myself for the first time signing up for unemployment.

What it's like being unemployed

Immediately one wonders if their commitment to the company they served was all in vain. At my age I became very discouraged. I turn to friends and family for support, but only God has been a real comfort to me.

I found out through our unemployment network that I could return to college. It was difficult, however, I have a 3.8 and that's pretty good at my age.


  • Look for the pot at the end of the rainbow, it's really there if you look with open eyes and a open heart.
  • Sometimes in life things happen that we don't understand, but God means for good to happen to us, not harm.
  • So I trust in Him, He is my source of strength.

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