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After Losing Everything I Found a Job

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By Becky

The job I lost

I was a manager in training for Clayton Homes, a Berkshire Hathoway Company. After successfully completing my training I was told my position was disolved. I worked for Clayton for 15 months, prior to that I was employed for 26 years with out a break. In other words, I have paid taxes and unemployment insurance for over 27 years.

What it's like being unemployed

At first I was optimistic, I am skilled in Management and Sales and was confident I would find something quickly. I did not have a college degree, I interviewed for two positions that I was well qualified for and they both went to individuals with Masters degrees. I enrolled in a Community College to complete my degree while I continued to look for work.

My house was on the market because I could not make the payments. I got some offers but not enough to pay it off. The Bank foreclosed in May,2009. I am now living with a friend. I managed to make my car payments (barely) untill the first time that Congress stalled the unemployment extension. I had only used 26 weeks and did not receive any benefits for 2 months. I took my car back to the bank when I was behind 2 payments, almost 3 rather than have them come and get it. Thank heavens for family and friends, I unlike some knew I would have a roof over my head and food in my mouth if nothing else.

I have lost everything I worked for, for 26 years. It wasn't just being unemployed for 1 year that cost me this, My income was commissioned based when the recession first started. I went many weeks without a paycheck and used all of my savings before I found the job with Clayton. The sad thing is I used to resent people that drew unemployment, I now know the majority of them are sincerely as embarrassed, depressed, worried and frustrated as I was. I laid awake many nights in physical pain due to the stress I was under. I applied for any position that I was qualified for and for the most part I did not hear back. I had an impecable work record. Luckily, with the transfer credits I completed my Associate degree and after adding that to my resume I had several interviews. I am starting at my new position on Monday. Entry level and half of the income I once made, but I am blessed.

I am praying that our leaders will find some way to improve the Economy and Unemployment situation. Untill then I am praying that they will continue to extend the benefits. Hang in there, things will get better!

I am also praying that the people like Warren Buffet(one of the richest men in the world) who disolve the positions of honest, hard working, top performing people; in the name of corporate profits will answer for their ethics some day. I think it will be really hot where they are going. Go Berkshire Hathoway, I think you owned several of the companies I had to list during my Bankruptcy.


  • I am blessed, after almost a year, I found a position and start Monday. My advice is as follows:
  • Take advantage of your off time to upgrade your job skills
  • Take bankruptsy before using your 401k and retirement savings
  • Don't pay Unsecured loans or Credit Cards with your savings
  • I could have bankrupted 3 years sooner when my income dropped. If I had done that I probably would still have my home and car.
  • Daily explore job opportunities, activity will breed success.Consider any industry or position.
  • Stay positive, this is not your fault, there are some jobs out there, stay positioned for success.

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