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A Liberating Experience

Share Your Story: Share Your Unemployment Story

By Matthew

A Liberating Experience

Me enjoying life and animation school...and not working

The job I lost

Well my story goes back to 2005 when Las Vegas was Exploding with sucess... I worked for Old Republic Title Company... and then I watched the housing market crash, and they started firing people left and right ... they went from 300 people to 7 people... I ended up with 3 other people's jobs before they finally let me go in 2007 and I was so happy...I collected unemployment for a few months and got another job at a Sheet metal shop... and watched as the commercial market crashed.... then I got laid off mid 2009 from there too... And I've been laid off ever since... not getting a job in housing/construction for sure

What it's like being unemployed

It has been a completely liberating experience... I know this sounds bad... but I am thoroughly enjoying not being a slave to a corporation... most people cry when they lose their job... I thank god for this new opportunity for change... and for freeing me from the clutches of Corporate garbage and drama... I have never been so relaxed and happy in my life... I spend a ton of time with my kids and I play lots of video games, and catch up with other more important aspects of life that always get pushed aside when you have a "job" ... I have started Animation School since I've been jobless and now I am training in advanced Character animation... within a couple years I will finally have the skills to work for PIXAR or something... instead of some lame, dead end, usless, robot job, that a chimpanzee could do for bananas... ... (what's sad is paying a chimp bananas is probably more expensive than what we get paid so they choose us because it's cheaper!!) ... I've applied to probably 15-20 positions around town and only one has ever interviewed me... and I didn't get the job... But I'm not worried I'm focusing on what I love like my family and animation and then I can finally break free of the bonds of DEATH ... and work in a job that I love to do... cause if you hate what you do you hate life... and want to die in your sleep so you have a valid excuse not to go in to work in the morning... I'd say the only thing bad about being unemployed is that everyone views you as being lazy for collecting unemployment... and not having a job... and while there are a ton of people who do that... I don't think there is anything wrong with using this time to refocus life and using the money to pay bills and stay afloat for a certain ammount of time while I train and arrange my life so that I can have a FUN and EXCITING job that I look forward to doing every day... something I can dedicate my life to with no regrets and unhappiness... and if not working while I go to school to make that better is what it takes... (and it is) ... then hey... I'm happily unemployed... call me lazy, look down at me like I'm the scum of the earth, I could care less, because look who's not wasting their life away at a loser job... Me.


  • 1. Embrace it... it is a time of change and new opportunity
  • 2. Take your time and find a job that will last, and is also one you'll enjoy... or you can rush and get a sucky job and hate your life
  • 3. Use this time to get certified in something that you like doing, and to get a job eaisier
  • 4. Relax you're unemployed... not a homeless piece of scum like everyone says you are
  • 5. Spend time w/family and catch up w/people you've been forced to ignore when you had a job
  • 6. If all else fails, sell your house and move to a 3rd world country and live like a king, and sell fruit on the side (that's what I will do)

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