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52 year old Female, Alone, No Job, No Options

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By Katherine Smith

The job I lost

Revenue/Reservations Manager in Wrightsville Beach NC, for 15 years.

The state of the economy gave the new general manager and the director of sales an excuse to let me go. I am 51 years old. They told me my job was being eliminated due to the economy, but 2 months later, they gave my assistant the job of reservations manager. She's 23, and I trained her.

What it's like being unemployed

It has been devastating. I am 51, divorced, and live alone. I was already living from pay check to pay check before I lost my job. I had to leave my home and am staying with a friend because I could not pay electric, water, cable, or buy food. I make my monthly house payment because I do not want to lose my house, but I will if something does not change real, real soon!

My benefits run out April 10th, and still no job in site, I am almost 52, so who will hire me now?


  • I have learned to budget, and bargin shop. I have an old, run down car,but it is good on gas, and am glad to have a car.
  • I own a moblie home, where I cannot live right now, but I am very grateful to have it, and hope I can return home soon.


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