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Reader Stories: Share Your Unemployment Story


Please note: This document has been updated. Please share your unemployment story here: Unemployment Stories 2014

Bitter and Stressed Out by Unemployment

It has been the roughest times in my life to be unemployed right now. Everything is so hard and I don't know who to reach out to at this point. It seems like every job that I get doesn't last and isn…More

Unemployed After a Bout with Breast Cancer

Horrible, even though my husband works. We were a two person income. We may have to move from our house to an apartment. I have been applying everywhere I can. What do I tell these people as I am sti…More

200 Applicants for Every Job

It's awful being unemployed. I live in an area with a high unemployment rate. Every job I've interviewed for has over 200 applicants. It's been very depressing. I was getting interviews for awhile, b…More

How Do I Look for a Job When I Can't Afford Gas?

Being without work is such a terrible thing , you have lost your sense of security. The family is depending on you and you can't provide when you've been the backbone that supported them! You feel li…More

No Child Care, So I Brought My Kids to Work

I was barely making it. But I was making ends meet. I worked and I liked my job. I'm running behind on all my bills. Pretty soon everything is going to be shut off. My lights will be shut off and hom…More

I'll Take Any Job That Comes My Way

I hate it. I never know if I can pay bills or feed myself on my dog. I don't sleep well and spend most of my time looking for a place to work. I have taken work cleaning out a closed Taco Bell, worki…More

I Never Knew It Would Be So Hard To Find A Job

It's quite hard being unemployed not knowing how your bills are going to get paid or something being turned off for lack of payment because there is no money for the bill. I am lucky to have family t…More

My Last Unemployment Check -- Then What?

These two years have been pretty much a roller coaster ride with bills being hidden under the carpet and stress levels reaching a high mark in my life. Depression has hit so hard I don't even know wh…More

Just Give an "Old Lady" a Chance to Prove Herself

It is VERY difficult! At near seventy years old the job market is not welcoming to an elder worker. According to many I should be retired. However, I have a child who is a Junior in college and the l…More

If You're Unemployed, You're on Your Own

It has been frightening, demoralizing, and demeaning. I despise filing applications via computer/e-mail. I despise the poor etiquette of not acknowledging applications or sending an automated form le…More

Desperate Single Mom

Frustrating, sad, feels like the world's on top of me. I have a anxiety disorder and it's very hard to cope with it. I work very hard to survive for me and my children. It's so hard not having a job …More

Being Unemployed Shows You Who Your True Friends Are

Unemployment isn't bad if you are receiving unemployment compensation. But if you are not receiving any income, as I have not received for over two years, it seems like it really does drive you crazy…More

Hundreds of Applicants for Every Job

I thought that I would be able to find work anywhere with a secretarial science degree, and especially with these many years of work experience. What I am finding is that there are hundreds of people…More

I Miss Being Part of a Team

My mistake was resigning. I wish I tested the waters before resigning. My temp assignment ended and I gave two weeks notices and offered to train someone else. They told me that they were not going t…More

Unemployed and Bullied by the Government

I held several related posts until the recession, then things got really sparse. Now I am bullied by the Government again, to take a job, any job, even a job which wouldn't meet the very basic outgoi…More

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