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Reader Stories: Share Your Unemployment Story


Please note: This document has been updated. Please share your unemployment story here: Unemployment Stories 2014

The Republicans Disrespect the Long-Term Unemployed

At my age, 60, and the current job market, I've sent countless resumes since last May with not one face to face interview. Applied for and received food stamps for the first time in my life about a w…More

Don't Trust the HR Department

Horrible. I miss not working and having benefits, hanging out with my friends or co-workers. Worry about how I'm going to survive in this crazy world with the unstable job market. And trust me when y…More

Employers Don't Hire Older Workers

I'm tired of being a burden to my friends and seems it would be better to be 6 foot under. I worked all my life which kept me going. Depression sets in, you feel like you aren't needed. I have fought…More

Ready, Willing and Eager to Work

I have been through all the emotions from excitement for the potential of doing something new, to the depths of severe depression and unrelenting pain. The hardest part is that I have received no sup…More

Teach the Republicans about Unemployment

I been a volunteer EMT/ Firefighters for my community for over 25 years but it doesn't mean a thing. No one will hire me and now. I have been called lazy and told that I'm just wanting to live on une…More

Nowhere to Turn for the Long-Term Unemployed

In the 2.3 years I've been unemployed and never being able to claim any sort of unemployment benefits, I've learned many sad truths. Before, I took this job I had finished my Bachelors degree in Acco…More

Nobody Gives You a Chance

Frustrating, hurtful. You feel helpless going everywhere and nobody calls for a job interview. It's even sadder when you have all these bills to pay and you don't know what to do when you are a singl…More

When You're Left with Nothing, You Realize What's Important

No worse feeling in the world. College educated with a killer resume, ready and willing to work. Now visit the soup kitchen every week and living on meager disability payments. I can find only sales …More

Single Mom Doesn't Have the Resources to Look for Work

Being a single mom is hard enough when you have to work full time in order to provide for your family. But being unemployed and trying to scrape together money you don't have is damn near impossible.…More

Fighting to Stay Positive

Very difficult not knowing when you'll be without a place to call home. Mental Health is taking a toll. Not knowing. Thanks to dear family and friends, I've been able to manage somewhat. Fighting off…More

Discrimination Against the Long-Term Unemployed

Being unemployed is the worst thing possible in this economy. The benefits ran out in December Congress will not extend our emergency unemployment benefits. We have no money to take buses downtown, w…More

The Clowns in Washington Cut Our Lifeline

Being unemployed at 58yrs old is mind numbing. I have been in construction my entire life and am at an age where it is taking a physical toll on me. I find myself in a position where it would be very…More

Close to Losing What Little I Have Left

Being unemployed cuts out everything that you are used to. Basic necessities become hard to come by. I stayed at a local shelter where people stole from me. Things I can't afford to replace. Let's se…More

A Trade and Two Degrees but No Job

Devastating. At first you have hope. I've got a trade and two degrees, there should be jobs out there. You apply and apply for hours, days and weeks. The frustration set in, you are asking yourself w…More

Don't Quit Unless You've Got Another Job Lined Up

Initially it feels good to walk out of a crap job you dislike. You feel the freedom the next few days, thinking "Thank god, I don't have to wake up so early to go to that awful place". But that's jus…More

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